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Collaboration Opportunities

Are you a spiritual business owner interested in collaborating with the PsyChicks Collective? We have 3 ways that you can collaborate with us. 

Collab Option #1

Teach A Class!

1 Time Opportunity to Teach A Class to the PsyChicks community

Our community is made up of 17K+ Spiritually Curious individuals. These are people who are eager and excited to be introduced to new modalities, practices, ideas and experiences. When you collab with us we will take care of all of the promotion and marketing of your virtual event. All you need to do is provide us with the event description, date & time, and anything else an attendee would be required to need or know before signing up. We will then promote your event to our group in exchange for a 50% profit share on pay to attend classes, workshops or experiences ( OR ) for a flat rate of $199 for a FREE EVENT ( workshop or class ) promoted to the entirety of our online community.

I Want To Do This!

Collab Option #2

Join Our Collective

Would you like to be able to offer workshops, experiences and classes to the PsyChicks community whenever you would like. 

How about go live in our active and engage community with over 17K+ members. What impact could it have on your spiritual business to exclusively permitted to promote your offering freely to such a large, spiritually curious audience? 

Here is how it works: As a member of the PsyChicks Collective you are able to freely promote yourself inside of our active Facebook Group as an approved member, you can also host paid and free classes marketed by us as often as you would like to! If servicing a large number of people is something that you feel excited to do then this might be a great opportunity for you to consider!  

Tell Me More!

Collab Option #3

Include Your Products in Our Next Giveaway 

Do you sell a physical item? Here is what we can do!

One of the ways that we like to grow and engage with our community is by offering collaborative giveaways. If you have a physical item to offer ( example: crystals, candles, jewelry, tarot decks, fashion items ) etc. that you think our audience would like you can apply to be included in our next monthly giveaway at no cost, just the donation of an item. We will then promote your business through our giveaway encouraging people to check out and follow you. *Note: you will be required to ship the item to us at your own expense so that we can photograph it in a bundle with other items. you must also be okay with having your item featured in a giveaway with other businesses of our choosing.

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Have A Totally Different Idea On How We Can Work Together?

Feel Free to Reach Out! 💬 Send Us A Message With Your Pitch

*Please be patient with us, we get A LOT of collab requests and need to be discerning. If you pitch is intriguing we will respond. We WILL NOT respond to solicitations ( you selling to us ) OR unreasonable requests to promote you and your business for free. Please consider your intentions before sending us a message. We are looking for win/win opportunities to work with professional individuals with offerings that compliment our brand.

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