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👉 This a special message for spiritual business entrepreneurs who are struggling to do it all on their own. 

Want to learn the secret to getting qualified leads for your metaphysical services?

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💫 You are a transformational coach, psychic, medium, healer, or card reader who is passionate about your work and looking for clients and customers to service. You never expected that you would also need to become an expert at marketing in order to start helping people but alas, once you set up your business you have realized very quickly that this is the case.

💫 You have likely seen all of the spiritual business coaches, claiming to hold the secret to creating a demand for your metaphysical business services, you may have even invested in some of their coaching, memberships, and courses explaining exactly what you need to do.

Were you disappointed in the end?

Even if they told you exactly what systems and processes you needed in order to create a “marketing system” to capture, nurture, and convert your leads - they probably tell you how difficult it would be to actually get qualified traffic to find out about your business.

Social Media Ads
Google Ads
Search Engine Optimization
Lead Magnets and Opt-In Funnels
Email Nurture Sequences
Oh My!

For the average person setting up their own complex lead generation system, that works and converts is actually a massively challenging task.

Not to mention the amount of paid advertising budget required to get steady daily traffic to your website using Google or Facebook.

The solution that PsyChicks Provides is a steady stream of qualified leads directed directly to your inbox daily. To generate sales from the leads all you need to do is make the connection and follow up!

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The Unique Solution We Provide For Small Spiritual Business Operators Like You

The solution that PsyChicks Provides is a steady stream of qualified leads directed directly to your inbox daily. 💌

To generate sales from the leads all you need to do is make the connection. 🤝

Step #1: You Sign Up, Login and Set Up Your PsyChicks Collective Profile

Step #2: Book A Complimentary Strategy Call With One of Our Spiritual Business Experts and PsyChicks Collective Mentors

Step #3: Start Enjoying Daily Leads Served to You In Your Inbox  💌

Step #4: Want More Leads: Interact in Our 16K ( and growing ) Facebook Group. Post, Go Live, Promote Your Offers and Events

This IS NOT another course or a program that teaches you what to do but leaves you hanging.

No! We send you relevant qualified leads for your spiritual business to your inbox every day.

Things you need to know:

All leads served to you are qualified first, meaning they give permission and say YES they do want members of our collective to reach out to them

⭐ The key to turning your leads into happy paying customers is to make the connection! You’ll only succeed if you follow up with your leads.

The benefit of being in this collective is that we handle the lead generation aspect of marketing your business. This is the most difficult and technical part. This way YOU get to focus on your business NOT becoming an online marketing expert.

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