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"Connecting YOU to the WOO: psychic/medium readings leading to self-discovery & spiritual connection! From someone who reads palms, cards, and the stars."



Hi! My name is Mariposa Young and I am an intuitive, compassionate psychic medium here talented in several modalities. Here in the free question area, I can read your palm and give you insight and spiritual advice around your love life, career, metaphysical talents, mental health, and so much more depending on your question. I use my well-honed instinct, foresight (I like to call it future sight!), your guides and the helpful spirits around them to dial in to a genuine connection.

Missing someone who has passed on and the grief and questions around it can feel a bit serious, but I’ll make you laugh and feel completely at ease. 

What You Can Expect in a Session with Mariposa?

I will be using images of your palms for readings to tell you about yourself, past, present and future.

How virtual palm readings work:

1. When you book with me , you will get a confirmation download with my calendar link

2. You will also be prompted to upload a clear photo of your left and your right palm.

This way i can use these images as references while I am doing your 1:1 reading.


About Me:

I’m a loving mother with thirty years of experience with psychic tools and insight. Having taken a small hiatus to focus on raising my young children, I am being called back to bring my gifts forward to help people connect to their past and find insight into their future.   

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Note: PsyChicks only acts as a facilitator between these communications, you will receive your response personally in the soonest timing that she is able to deliver.

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