Magic Reviews Minicourse

Get the reviews and testimonials you need to build credibility and trust for your spiritual business!!!

Go from not have any reviews coming in to having a collection of high quality, sales generating reviews that will help you take your business from part-time to full time with a repeat clientele. 

Sign Up and instantly learn a simple low tech ( anyone can do it ) way to collect reviews to post on your website and social media.

You don't even need to create your own form, you just get to copy our proven one. Two clicks and you are up and running.

Plus a bonus tip on how to create a QR code quickly, so that people can review you at in-person events!

This is an essential training for any aspiring psychic, tarot reader, life coach, intuitive advisor of healer who wants to build their repeat client list. 

It is easy to execute. Proven to work. And completely to execute. [ No complex softwares or systems , all you need is a gmail account ]

✔️ Instant Access to a 20 minute video tutorial to help you get set up 
+ PDF step-by-step to follow if you would rather read than watch the video

Additional bonus content includes:
🌟Review Ask Script
🌟Review Nudge Script
🌟How to Get More Reviews ( 5 Ways ) PDF
🌟What to Do With Your Reviews to Generate Sales ( PDF )

With your purchase you can expect full technical support if you get stuck or need some help.

The PsyChicks Business Collective

This is our collective of psychics, healers, readers, astrologists and transformational coaches who collaboratively support the PsyChicks Community. If you have a spiritual business offering to share the PsyChicks Business Collective might be a great opportunity for you to find clients and customers.

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The PsyChicks Community

This is our free to participate in , casual community for those who are looking to share their love of all things metaphysical with others. Ask questions, share insight, laugh and develop your intuition in a caring global community.

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⭐ Meet The PsyChicks Host & Community Founder 

🔮🐥 Brandie Michelle Peters

"Blending my passion for the psychic, metaphysical, supernatural, witchy and woo - love for empowering and inspiring women to pursue their dreams!"

Brandie founded PsyChicks in 2021 , previous to this she has 10 years of experience running an digital marketing agency that worked specifically spiritual and mission focused businesses. 

Hello, my name is Brandie Michelle and I am the founder and community host of PsyChicks. I am a psychic intuitive empath, who provides guidance and clarity for members of the Psychicks community. Whether you are someone who is feeling called to start a spiritual business venture of your own or you already have one and are struggling to call in clients and customers, I can assist. 

My number one passion ( and reason for starting Psychicks ) is empowering women to utilise their unique skills and passions to support themselves abundantly. I am all about self-love and encouragement, helping my clients see that everything that they need is already within them.

I love to work with those who are looking to fulfil their soul’s purpose, build their own spiritual communities, inspire others and lead with confidence. I believe that social media can be a fantastic tool to form genuine and meaningful connections. My unique approach to social media marketing helps people who feel discouraged, overwhelmed, and disempowered stop envy-scrolling, and start using social marketing to effectively find people to serve. 

My clients are typically spiritual business operators who are interested in attracting an audience and promoting their business through a community model. I also do one-off strategy deep dive sessions for those who are looking to exit their job and start an online business ( within the spiritual niche’ ) or get an existing, but struggling spiritual business actually working!

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Add The Cash Infusion Video For $11!!!!

Watch this video to learn a quick and easy ( limited tech ) technique for selling your spiritual business offerings. Follow my guidance as I show you the easiest way to promote and sell your spiritual talents.