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PsyChicks Collective 3.0

Welcome to The PsyChicks Collective. it is $39.99 a month every month ongoing.


🌟 Ability to promote your spiritual business offerings in the PsyChicks Facebook Group and PsyChicks Community on Mighty Networks

🌟 Promotion includes: posting about your services and products, offering free card pulls and readings to find customers, go live on Facebook, creating events for your business

🌟 A personal listing on the PsyChicks website directory [ website gets over 100 hits per day ]

🌟 An "ask me anything" lead servicing form that will send interested business inquiries from people who visit your profile directly to your inbox

🌟 Access to the PsyChicks Collective members' area 

🌟 Access to monthly spiritual business mentorship calls taught by either PsyChicks Business mentors Brandie, Kate, and Sarah

🌟 Ability to host mixers and meet-ups in your local area promoted as official PsyChicks Collective community gatherings


How Does the PsyChicks Collective Work?

The PsyChick Collective is a membership that you pay for monthly. Paying for a membership immediately gets you access to all of the leads that we generate for the collective members.
To make sure that you only spend your time following up on relevant to your business leads we have them tagged and filtered. There are also 3 levels of leads that we service and the difference between each are explained below.

1. ) General Interest Leads

General interest leads are captured when people take our β€œHow psychic are you quiz” online or interact with another one of our lead magnet resources. They are opt-in with permission to be contacted with an offer or gift from members of our collective. You are encouraged to follow up with these leads introducing yourself and sharing your business. They are not necessarily yet ready to buy but you can move them to your own business by sending them a lead magnet ( video, pdf, ebook, promo code ), etc. You can also share your PsyChicks business directory listing with them or offer them a complimentary reading, that you then can upsell to a more in-depth service or offering. It is also fine to share social media links and other trust-building content with these leads.

2.) Warm To You Leads

These are people who have browsed the PsyChicks Business Directory and are interested in you and what you are presenting. They are specifically reaching out to you via the one-free question or appointment booking form on your profile. These leads are considered warm to you because they have the context of who you are and what you have to share with them. It is strongly encouraged that you follow up with all of these leads! Respond with an offering as well as an explanation of how you service people.

3,) Event Leads

When we host online and in-person events for PsyChicks, the leads that we collect are shared with members of our PsyChicks Collective. You will know what specific subject matter the leads are interested in based on what event they have signed up to attend. You can follow up with the leads if they are relevant to you. We love to host virtual gatherings as well as in-person metaphysical meet-ups and mixers, the goal is to bring our community together and be supportive. The more involved you are with the events the more likely they are to benefit your business. Have an idea for an event and want to host one, we support you by creating the opt-ins and marketing to share. All you need to show up and be your most wonderful self.

PsyChicks is A Spiritual Business Collective that puts qualified leads for your spiritual services directly into your inbox. If you are tired of trying to figure out how to market yourself, and spending more time on that obstacle rather than interacting with real potential customers and serving your clients then this is for you. Consider signing up today for just $39.99 a month. You will immediately be able to access all of the features of the PsyChick Business Collective as they are listed below.

  • Lead servicing as explained above
  • Private FB group for encouragement and support
  • Directory listing on our website
  • Ability to create/host PsyChicks branded events
  • Appointment setting
  • Ask me anything one free question inquiry form on your profile
  • Email swipe templates
  • Best practices training
  • Mod / Expert and ability to promote in our 16K member fb group
  • Bonus:  Magic Reviews, strategy for getting more reviews
  • Bonus:  Masterclass Magic, how to use a signature masterclass to blow up your spiritual business


Q. How many sales can I expect to get from my membership?

Because your sales will be dependent on the quality and consistency of your follow-up, your brand presentation, what you offer ( sell ), and your skills there is no way we can guarantee that you will get sales for your membership. However, we do not take any commission from your sales and we work with you to help you be successful in converting your leads. How we help you by providing you with processes, systems, email templates, and a group for feedback so that you can learn how to nurture and convert the leads that we send your way. This is obviously still going to require work on your part, but your focus can be on interacting with pre-qualified leads rather than just trying to figure out all of the different steps in your marketing.

Q. How much work does it require to make sales?

There is clearly still work required to make the PsyChicks Collective membership work for you! However, what we advise you to spend your time on is refining your offer, and perfecting your process of follow-up and sales offering. The one thing every business needs are relevant interested customers. Basically what we aim to do is help you remove the marketing obstacles and get you in front of the right people who are going to be interested in what you do, so that you have the highest chance of success possible.

Q. What do I need to have to join?

We recommend that you only join the PsyChicks Collective if you are ready to take paying customers for your spiritual business. You must have minimally a description of your offering(s), and a way that people can checkout and pay you. We suggest having a social media presence on one major platform as well as your own email marketing list. We highly recommend also that you have a 15-minute free introduction call booking on some form of a calendar, for those who wish to meet with you face to face before buying. Those who provide a link to a booking calendar will qualify for our appointment-setting services.

Q. How do I cancel my membership if I discover the collective is not for me or change my business direction?

You are only committed to the committed time period that you are paid up to date for. You can cancel at any time and we bill in a 30-day cycle. If you decide to leave you are able to cancel in the member’s area and will be removed at the end of your next upcoming billing cycle. There are no refunds if you cancel after 30 days.

Q: If I miss a payment when will I be removed?

If your payment fails you will be notified and have 15 days to make it up, or you will be manually removed.