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What if You Could Skip all of The Digital Marketing Figuring Out, Tech Headaches and Overwhelm, Audience Building Anxiety And Just Get You Spiritual Niche Business Offering In Front of an Active and Engaged Audience That is HUNGRY For the Message That You Have to Share.


⭐ Tell Me More! ⭐

Come and Promote Your Spiritual Business Offerings 

The PsyChicks Collective is a membership that you can join that will give you the opportunity to share your work in front of an active spi-curious audience who are excited by all things supernatural, metaphysical, transformational, witch and woo! The PsyChicks Audience is an amazing community that is receptive and excited to learn from and buy from new spiritual practitioners.

How it works:

You sign up!

Your collective membership is $111 month ongoing or $333 for 3 months and then ongoing. 

You create your profile!

After you pay you will get access to a member’s only area where you can input your profile details ( we will use this to create your bio ) and learn the ropes, everything you need to know to start promoting yourself in our group.

Introduce yourself and get started!

Once you are onboarded you can introduce yourself and start engaging in the big public group immediately. You will are welcome to schedule FB lives, promote your offerings and interact in our community freely as if it was your own. Engage in our audience is it was your audience sharing all the value and connective content that you would like.

✅ Start promoting yourself immediately after you sign up!

Build your own audience inside of our audience.

Let Me Show You The Features!

⭐ Your Profile 

Our PsyChicks website proudly boasts over 100 hits per day!

We will write for you a polished and professional bio highlighting all that you do. Your profile will contain links to your social media and business website. Visitors to our website can choose to connect with the PsyChick profile that most resonates with their needs and calls them in.

 Your one free question button! 

The best feature of your profile is the 1 free question submission button or the ask me anything button ( if you are not an intuitive or a psychic ) , this is a powerful lead generator that puts inquiries from our community from people who are interested in booking with you directly into your own inbox like so.

⭐ You CAN  Go Live and Connect With Our Community any time you like! 


You can GO LIVE in our group any time you would like to. Just schedule and promote your own live events. Talking to our community about what you do is the best way to establish yourself as an expert and build a relationship with the members whom we service.

You Can Host A Webinar, Workshop or Masterclass For Our Community 

Host a webinar, workshop or masterclass for the community to attend. This will allow you to pitch yourself and your business offerings of 1:1 sessions, group programs, courses or other things to the attendees of your event. From PsyChicks we will provide you with the downloadable .CSV of your event registrations. Amazing right!?

⭐ Post About Your Offer In Our Busy Facebook Group 

Only collective members are allowed to promote offers of products, services, coaching, or physical products to the group. As a PsyChick Collective member you can sell directly to our community as frequently as you would like.

👉  18K Active Members

See full audience insights!

⭐ Get Support, Coaching & Community Encouragement 

Understanding that there is a lot that goes into engaging and converting an audience into customers we do provide you with this backend resources and assistance.

✔️You’ll have coaching via frequent live videos
✔️Cheatsheets to help you learn techniques and best practices
✔️Members only area with inventory of videos and content
✔️Connect with and chat with other PsyChicks Collective Members plan collabs, gain mentorship, be fully supported and embraced by our professional community in a private FB group!

⭐ + Free Question Response Script 

Simple but helpful tool, so you can deliver your messages to the community members in an effective way to increase the chance that they book a session with you. This template had been proven to work giving you a structure to follow when managing your responses. 

This is a customizable template so you can make it your own. It helps to assure that you are giving both the option for a tip and a review in addition to pitching your offer to make responding to the questions worth your while!

⭐ Other Perks! 

+ Email list features
+ Collab opportunities
+ Chirpcast podcast interview
+ Youtube features
+ Attend all PsyChick Events FREE
+ Swag gifts & merch discounts

PsyChicks is different than anything else out there because it allows you to bypass the struggle of figuring out all the digital marketing tech and audience building and just jump right in, in front of an audience that is ready and excited to hear from you.

We focus on building a community first so that you have people who know, like, and understand what it means to be a PsyChick! Our goal is to call in THE BEST talent to service our community and help them to do so in a way that is connective, engaging and win-win for our community. We're passionate about helping spi-curious individuals find practitioners, teachers, mentors and businesses that they can trust and be proud to support.

🌟Check Out Our Case Study! 🌟

See the comparison of a PsyChicks Collective Membership VS. $500 in Facebook ad spend!

Check Out The Case Study

⭐ Meet The PsyChicks Host & Community Founder 

🔮🐥 Brandie Michelle Peters

"Blending my passion for the psychic, metaphysical, supernatural, witchy and woo - love for empowering and inspiring women to pursue their dreams!"

Brandie founded PsyChicks in 2021 , previous to this she has 10 years of experience running an digital marketing agency that worked specifically spiritual and mission focused businesses. 

Hello, my name is Brandie Michelle and I am the founder and community host of PsyChicks. I am a psychic intuitive empath, who provides guidance and clarity for members of the Psychicks community. Whether you are someone who is feeling called to start a spiritual business venture of your own or you already have one and are struggling to call in clients and customers, I can assist. 

My number one passion ( and reason for starting Psychicks ) is empowering women to utilise their unique skills and passions to support themselves abundantly. I am all about self-love and encouragement, helping my clients see that everything that they need is already within them.

I love to work with those who are looking to fulfil their soul’s purpose, build their own spiritual communities, inspire others and lead with confidence. I believe that social media can be a fantastic tool to form genuine and meaningful connections. My unique approach to social media marketing helps people who feel discouraged, overwhelmed, and disempowered stop envy-scrolling, and start using social marketing to effectively find people to serve. 

My clients are typically spiritual business operators who are interested in attracting an audience and promoting their business through a community model. I also do one-off strategy deep dive sessions for those who are looking to exit their job and start an online business ( within the spiritual niche’ ) or get an existing, but struggling spiritual business actually working!

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The PsyChicks Collective itself is incredibly warm and welcoming our members have various levels of experience expertise and help to support and encourage one another!


Are You Ready to Join The PsyChicks Collective!?

We have 2 pricing options to consider.

3 Months Today! 🔮🐥

Pay $333 for 90 days and then $111 ongoing after

Signing up for 3 months unlocks all features immediately!

  • Your profile on PsyChicks website
  • Your 1 free question button
  • Go live in our Facebook Group
  • Engage and sell your offer in our group as an expert
  • INSTANTLY be able to teach a workshop, webinar, or masterclass 
  • INSTANTLY be able to take payments and bookings directly on your profile
⭐ 3 Months Today! ⭐

Try it Out Month to Month

Pay $111 Month to Month

Signing up for month to month cancel any time. You will need to stay at least 1 month before you can teach an class.

  • Your profile on PsyChicks website
  • Your 1 free question button
  • Go live in our Facebook Group
  • Engage and sell your offer in our group as an expert
  • Be able to teach a workshop, class, or host a webinar after 1 MONTH of active engagement
  • Be able to take bookings and payments directly on you profile after 3 months of active engagement
⭐ Sign Up! ⭐ 1 Month

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