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🌟 Mentorship 🌟

Mentors are experienced spiritualists. They have operated in their modality providing professional services for over 5 years. They actively support members of the PsyChicks Collective community. Some mentors are available to help you build a spiritual business.

Mentors must also have been in the PsyChicks Collective and responsive to their questions for over 6 months.

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🌟 Guidance 🌟

Are you looking for support? We have have talented psychic intuitives, empaths, healers, and mediums available to take your questions. If you would like spiritual insight please reach out to one of these members of our collective.

Members of our PsyChicks Incubator program who have the 🐣 beside their name are also available to provide guidance. These are members with gifts but who are learning under our mentors how to work with clients. Learn more...

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🌟 Life Coaching & Other Personal Support Services 🌟

Members of our collective provide a variety of different services including, tarot reading, remote energy healing, mediumship, and coaching. We even have PsyChick Collective members who can help you with your business. 

Service provides do not always identify as having psychic or mediumship talents. Please do not submit questions to them of this nature. Feel free to reach out looking for relevant advice.

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PsyChick Mentors

You can submit a question to a PsyChick Mentor about anything relating to your spiritual development, personal growth or business. PsyChick Mentors have a strong reputation of writing back and will do so within 1-7 business days. Please read their profile to make sure you are sending your inquiry to the right person to answer your question.

Brandie Michelle 🔮🐥
Modality: Tarot, Intuitive Counseling
Themes: Business Strategy, Self Love, Community, Sister Wound 
Offers: 3 Card Email Reading, Power Hour, VIP Days

PsyChick Incubator Mentor

My name is Brandie Michelle and I am the founder and community host of PsyChicks. I am a psychic intuitive empath, who provides guidance and clarity for members of the Psychicks community. Whether you are someone who is feeling called to start a spiritual business venture of your own or you already have one and are struggling to call in clients and customers, I can assist. 

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Mariposa 🔮🐥
Modality: Palmistry, Astrology, Tarot, Intuitive Counseling, Mediumship
Themes: Purpose , Metaphysical, Magical Traditions, Ghosts & Spirits, Future-sight
Offers: Virtual Psychic Reading, Palm Reading, Power Hour 

PsyChick Incubator Mentor

My name is Mariposa Young, I am an intuitive, compassionate psychic here to spiritual advice and guidance for anyone who is in need of it.

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Christine 🔮🐥
Modality: Reiki, Reiki Business Coach, Shamanism
Themes: All Things Energy Work, Business Strategy, Chakras, Manifesting

Reiki Business Mentor

My name is Christine and I am a Shamanic Reiki Master and Coach. I specialize in helping Reiki practitioners and spiritually inclined individuals seeking helping their self-discovery for inner truth and empowerment. 

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Looking for some insight about your future, need help understanding your metaphysical experience, curious about your gifts? These PsyChick Collective members provide fantastic guidance and will respond to you within 1-7 business days via email. You can ask any of them 1 question free of charge.

Kai 🔮🐥
Modality: Tarot, Intuitive Counseling
Themes: Spiritual Business, Self Improvement, Health and Wellness

My name is Kaí and I am a tarot card reader, deck designer and intuitive advisor. I provide tarot readings, intuitive guidance and holistic health advice. 

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Sheila V 🔮🐥
Modality: Tarot, Psychic Intuitive, 
Themes: Life Purpose, Spirit Guide Connection

My name is Sheila ( Sheila V ) and I am a psychic medium, spiritualist, speaker, author and spiritual business mentor. I can help you identify your soul's purpose and connect with your spirit guides.

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Monica  🔮🐥
Modality: Oracle Cards, Reiki Energy Healing
Themes: Personal Development, Healing, Encouragement

Hello, my name is Monica, and energy healer and Oracle card reader who helps those who feel lost find their way. I can provide remote healing, Oracle card readings and general intuitive insight.

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Erin  🔮🐥
Modality: Akashic Records, Reiki Energy Healing
Themes: Spiritual Gift Development, Soul's Purpose, Past Life

Hi, my name is Erin and I am an intuitive mentor who can help you reveal and develop your own spiritual gifts. I provide Akashic Record Experiences, Spiritual Support, and General Intuitive Readings.  

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Jenny 🔮🐥
Modality: Mediumship
Themes: Ghosts & Spirits, Paranormal Experience, Spirit Guide Connection

Hello, my name is Jenny and I am a medium who consults with spirits to provide wisdom and insight to my clients. My gifts are very specific to mediumship as I function as a spirit channel for people who would like to converse with those who have passed over.

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Kerry 🔮🐥
Modality: Psychic Intuitive
Themes: Self Healing, Confidence, Trauma Support, Messages from Spirit

Hello, my name is Kerry I am a psychic intuitive who provides my clients with comfort, closure and clarity using my empathic and clairvoyant abilities.

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Jade 🔮🐥
Oracle Card Reading, Tarot Reading, Life Coaching
Themes: Healing, Highest Self, Life Purpose

Hello, my name is Jade ( Dr Jade Geary ) and I am a mentor and spiritual advisor for those who wish to experience radical transformation in their lives. I work with the tools of reiki, crystals, tarot and oracle cards to provide guidance

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Bianca 🔮🐥
Modality: Tarot, Pendulum

Themes: Clarity, Self-Confidence, Comfort

My name is Bianca and I am psychic intuitive who helps my clients by providing them with clarity and guidance regarding their life both internally and externally.

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Life Coaching & Personal Support

Would you like someone to help you achieve your goals and improve your life? How about some healing and encouragement. These PsyChick Collective members work with different metaphysical concepts in an applicable way to provide holistic counsel, support, and assistance to those who wish to experience lasting transformation in their life.

Rino 🔮🐥
Modality: Intuitive Guidance, Certified Coach
Themes:  Parenting, Soul's Purpose, Relationships, Life Architecture, Manifesting

Hi, my name is Rino and I am a certified trauma informed coach who works with women who are going through a spiritual awakening and who desire support, guidance and affirmation.

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Tammy 🔮🐥
Modality: Hypnosis, Meditation, Intuitive Guidance
Themes:  Nervous System Reset, Burnout Recovery, Self Worth, Self Healing, Self Love, Life Architecture, Empowerment, 

Hello, my name is Tammy and I am an intuitive empath, healing facilitator and personal coach. I work with you to help you overcome your personal challenges to create a life that is fulfilling.

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Kate 🔮🐥
Modality: Shamanism, Hypnosis, Oracle
Themes:  Soul's Purpose, Self Healing, Life Architecture,  Manifesting, Future-sight

Hi, my name is Kate and I am Oracle, Shaman and hypnotist who helps my clients heal their inner world and become more spiritually enlightened. I can provide you with insight about your life path and soul's purpose.

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The PsyChicks Collective: Ask Us Anything!

Through our PsyChicks Collective, we help to match the spi-curious members who are interested in receiving healing, guidance, and education with a variety of different professionals who feel called to encourage, lead and nurture others. We are pleased to offer an ever-evolving roster of unique talent in our community. Below you will find the profiles of our current members. Feel free to browse their profiles and see who resonates with you. Each profile hosts a one free question button, that will allow you to submit your inquiries directly to any PsyChick Collective member. 

***This is not a psychic hotline or psychic reading chat website, all of these PsyChicks are independent professional working spiritual business operators who contribute to our community. Although, we do try to get back to you within 24 hours, getting a message back may at times take longer. Please be patient with our collective, they are always working hard to provide helping, healing and insight to those who reach out. The responses you receive are custom to you based on your inquiry.

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