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Spiritual business owners can support our community as members of the PsyChick Collective. We are calling in psychics, tarot readers, mediums, energy healers, transformational coaches and spiritual business mentors to help service our growing community. Become visible and find customers for your business.

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Hello New Friend, Are You Spi-Curious!?

Do you love to learn about all things metaphysical, supernatural and enlightening? Spi-Curiosity is an endearing term that we spun to describe those who do not identify with just one singular spiritual belief system or practice but rather loves to learn, talk about, read, watch, and exercise a variety of different spiritual modalities. Whether you are just awakening or are already deeply engaged we have created a casual, judgement free space where you can indulge your spiritual interests and connect with others who share in your passion for all things wonderful and woo. 

Psychics, Witches, Starseeds, Lightworkers Oh My!

Do you ever feel as if there are so many different avenues in the spiritual subject matter to explore? It can almost be overwhelming. One of the ways that we provide value as a spiritual community is by bringing together a variety of different worldviews so that those who are interested can share in discussion, interact and engage. The main reason why PsyChicks exists is because we want to encourage conversation, learning and personal development by providing a platform where there is not just “one way” but many ways to expand your mind and interpret metaphysical phenomena. 

As a member of our online community you are more than welcome to share your own experiences and understanding of the world around you. You can also learn from others and learn about their practices and beliefs with other open minded individuals..

At our core, PsyChicks really is meant to be a welcoming place to geek out and indulge your spiritual curiosity. We are pleased to say that we are 100% guru-free meaning that there is nobody in our community who is going to try to indoctrinate you to their beliefs. Rather, we have enlisted a variety of talented and experienced spiritual practitioners ( business operators ) to service our community in the PsyChicks Collective. Members of the PsyChicks Collective excitedly share their wisdom, knowledge, and spiritual gifts with our members collaboratively. Meaning that there is not just one authority figure acting as the voice of the group, but a variety who all bring to the table attractive and unique qualities. As an individual, you can choose what resonates and what does not. You can also share your own perspective without fear of judgement or condemnation.

Our Values! What we stand for

⭑Self Love & Self Trust

If we contribute one good thing to this world it would be to encourage our members to love and trust themselves unapologetically and with full confidence. We believe that self-love is an essential component of your spiritual growth and the development of your gifts and supernatural abilities. Before one can unlock their gifts, they must first create a positive relationship with themselves and a belief that they are able to manifest and create their own reality. Through the encouragement of self-love amongst our members we aim to create a place where all people are encouraged and pushed towards their highest potential.


Your journey to spiritual awakening and discovery does not need to be a lonely one. We know that there are many people who identify as being spiritually curious and who are interested in spiritual, metaphysical and spiritual phenomena. By creating a community-driven platform we aim to bring “PsyChicks” together to  create meaningful  connections and friendships. We believe that more than ever before, there is value in having open and judgement free spaces where people can share experiences, knowledge, traditions as well develop their own intuitive gifts and spiritual talents. 

Intuition & Gift Development

If you identify as being intuitively gifted, empathic, psychic, or spiritual in-tune then this is a great place for you to be! PsyChicks provides an accessible space where you can discuss your experiences, practice your abilities and be warmly received by others who are doing the same. If you would like to invest in your development, we have some of the most experienced, compassionate, and unique mentors available in our PsyChick Collective. By providing both paid and free classes for intuitive , and metaphysical development, PsyChicks is not just a place to make friends and hang out, but also a place to grow and learn.

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Our Founder: Brandie Michelle

I love to work with those who are looking to fulfil their soul’s purpose, build their own spiritual communities, inspire others and lead with confidence. I believe that social media can be a fantastic tool to form genuine and meaningful connections. My unique approach to social media marketing helps people who feel discouraged, overwhelmed, and disempowered stop envy-scrolling, and start using social marketing to effectively find people to serve. 

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