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If you have a spiritual business offering that you would like to share with more people, we can help you find clients and customers. Below are some options for you to consider.

The PsyChicks Collective is a membership that you can join that will give you the opportunity to share your work in front of an active spi-curious audience who are excited by all things supernatural, metaphysical, transformational, witch and woo! The PsyChicks Audience is an amazing community that is receptive and excited to learn from and buy from new spiritual practitioners. Now just $39.99 Start a 14 Day Free Trial 

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The PsyChick Collective Incubator 🐣 Apprenticeship program is a weekly educational experience that is specifically designed to help those with gifts, skillsets and modality experience build their confidence so they can start making some extra income as spiritualists getting paid for their services. 

In this program you will get support developing the required business skills required in order to successfully get your first paying customers.

While in this program you will be allowed to use the community of PsyChicks to practise your skills and find your first customers with direct support from experienced mentors who know exactly what to do to turn a complete stranger into a first time happy paying customer for spiritual services online.

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