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Emerging Psychics Where to Find Opportunities to Practice Your Gifts

free psychic readings new psychics psychic community psychic mentorship psychic readers psychic reading exchanges spiritual community Jun 01, 2022

You’ve recently accepted that you might be a psychic. That’s amazing, congratulations on discovering your spiritual gifts! Now you might be wondering, where can I find people to practice my psychic gifts on?

For every individual, when and how they discover that they have psychic abilities varies. Some, swearing that they were having premonitions and experiences with spirits since they were younger, to others who realise their abilities after a spiritual awakening. 

No matter when and how your gifts were revealed to you, chances are initially you will only be using them for yourself. Utilising your psychic talents to improve your own understanding of the world and make better decisions to forward your life and improve your self-understanding.

However, at some point you may decide that you would also like to use your psychic abilities to help serve others - at this time you will need to start sharing with people that you have psychic talents. Depending on how open you are about this, you may be scared or nervous to offer psychic readings to your friends and family. Unfortunately, not being able to speak openly about metaphysical talents is something that many people are challenged with. “What if they think I am unhinged from reality?” “What if they don’t take it seriously?”. Finding an non-judgemental audience for you to practice your psychic gifts on is hard! This is why so many people migrate towards online spiritual communities like the PsyChicks Facebook Group to talk about these things. 

Although in general society is becoming more accepting and curious about metaphysical topics and psychic phenomena, most regular people still don’t fully believe in it. Therefore, if you don’t have people in your life to talk about it with, let alone practice on, fully realising your talents can be nearly impossible. 

Offering Free Readings to Everyone and Anyone May Not Be The Solution

The natural course of action that people who are desperate to gain experience take, is offering free readings to everyone and anyone who will let them “try out” their abilities on them. They typically do this in secret, going into Spiritual Facebook Groups or other online communities where other people who believe in psychics hang out. They randomly offer themselves up to give free readings and see if they have any takers. This may or may not work to get some interest, however the people whom you meet for these readings are typically strangers who want a free experience. They may not be interested in giving you good feedback and the interaction, if you are a complete beginner, will probably be very awkward and uncomfortable.

Typically, this is why we do not recommend joining online groups and offering up free readings to everyone just to gain practice. It is also a bit disrespectful to the professional working psychics, mediums, healers and spiritual service providers who have to work harder to find people to pay them for their services because the amount of “free readings” being offered trains the public to devalue these businesses.

Rather, a better way for a new psychic who wants to get practice to gain experience is to attend a psychic circle or exchange. This is an organised experience where people who wish to hone their gifts can come together, with no judgement or fear and give readings to each other in a warm, energetically cleansed and sacred environment. In this setting they will be interacting with other people who are fully accepting and who believe in the modalities being practised. In this type of situation you are able to fully immerse yourself in the experience and give deep insightful readings.

The Benefits of Participating in a Psychic Circle or Reading Exchange When You Want to Practise Your Psychic Talents

The very fact that you will be in a welcoming and intentional environment with others who share your interests and beliefs, is reason alone to attend these events. However, there are a variety of other positives to practising your abilities in this type of setting, rather than just fishing in spiritual Facebook Groups for people who will let you practice for free.

1. Receive Psychic Mentorship

Psychic circles and reading exchanges usually are hosted by experienced professional spiritual service providers who have given many readings themselves and are now working to help others hone their abilities. Not only will you get the opportunity to practice your psychic talents, you will also be provided with mentorship so that you can learn how professionals conduct their sessions. Who knows you may find a mentor who really resonates with you and whom you may go on to coach you to build your own practice.

2. Make Other Psychic Friends and Expand Your Network

Another reason why a person may want to attend a practice reading exchange is to meet other people who are working on further honing and developing their abilities. At these events you will likely be paired at random with other attendees and then each of you will be able to give a reading to each other practising your chosen modality. In many ways it is sort of like psychic friendship speed dating, where you’ll be meeting someone new and getting to know them. Who knows, you may meet your next psychic bestie. These connections can carry on after the event giving you some supportive like-minded people to continue to practice with even after the event has concluded.

3. Be Fully Accepted and Increase Your Psychic Confidence

If you don’t have people in your “real life” who believe in or support you in your spiritual abilities then chances are you may also feel a bit alien at times. Feeling as if they are different from other people, or that regular people do not understand them is a common grievance that many metaphysically talented people can relate to. Honestly, this is another reason why reading exchanges are great to attend. Because everyone who is attending obviously has an interest in the subject matter you will feel fully embraced and accepted just as you are. Additionally, everyone at attendance at this event has set the intention to practice by giving and getting readings for one another. This intention and safe space, will likely help you to feel less nervous and that clarity and self-confidence will likely increase your psychic abilities going forward.

Having A Spiritual Community Is Incredibly Important For Emerging Psychics

The conundrum that those who wish to improve their intuitive abilities face, is that they need to practice in order to get better, but finding safe people to practice on when you are a beginner is hard. The solution to this may be a well organised psychic reading exchange, an event that brings beginner-level psychics together and gives them a protected arena to practise on one another. Including experienced psychics and professional mentors in these events allows for an opportunity for sharing knowledge and getting valuable feedback, that in time will allow you to become a better psychic, for yourself or even to eventually pursue it professionally.

The PsyChicks Spiritual Community is full of people who identify as being intuitive and who are looking for opportunities to develop their gifts. We decided to start hosting regular psychic reading exchanges to give our members a chance to connect ( virtually online ) and practice their intuition together. These events are also attended by the members of our psychic collective who provide mentorship and a wrap up q&a. By including them, they can give those who are practising some assistance and feedback to help them become better, more self-assured psychics.


Blog Written By Brandie Michelle

( PsyChicks Collective Founder & Community Host

Would you like to attend our next psychic reading exchange? >> Click Here for all upcoming PsyChicks Spiritual Community events!



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