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PsyChicks Is A community for those who are interested in all things metaphysical, supernatural, witchy and woo!

We have created a casual community platform made up of spi-curious individuals from all over the world who have varying levels of experience, knowledge and interest in the magical and unseen aspects of the universe. The core purpose of this community is to provide a warm, encouraging environment for conversation and knowledge sharing. If you are a person who likes to geek out, discuss and share your interest in the metaphysical then you have come to the right place. Click the link below to dive in and begin to explore all that our community has to offer.


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Our Current Offerings:

There are a few ways that you can take part in our metaphysical community please choose from the offering options below.

Reading Exchanges

Looking for other spiritually gifted people to practice with? We host casual reading exchanges to help give opportunities for you to connect with others and gain experience.

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Metaphysical Meet-Ups and Mixers

Get together offline, in the real world with other members of the PsyChicks community. Members of our spiritual business collective host in person meet ups and mixers in their local area.

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Our Spiritual Business Collective

As a PsyChick Collective member you are able to promote and share your spiritual offerings to the PsyChicks community. You are also listed on our website directory as an official collective member and can take advantage of the business resources and tools that we have to help you be successful. 

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Members of the PsyChicks Spiritual Business Collective are available to take your inquiries. This is not a psychic hotline but a community of experienced psychics, mediums, healers and transformational coaches who volunteer themselves to provide support and encouragement for those who reach out. They are listed in our collective directory and you are able to send them a message with your question to begin a confidential dialogue via email.

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Entertainment Disclaimer

Like all intuitive reading and spiritual healing websites we must exclaim that this site is for education and entertainment purposes only. Any advice given to you by members of the PsyChicks Collective or on this website IS just that, advice. Do not make any risky decisions or take irratic action based on what this site reccomends. Instead, use your own intuitive abilities to know what is right for you and take care and ownership of your own life and decisions. PsyChicks Community and PsyChicks Collective disclaim that we do not take any legal responsibility personal or professional for anything you do based on suggestions from us or our community members. Our number one goal is to encourage people to trust and love themselves, making good choices for them whatever those choices may be, Additionally conversations between you and the members of the PsyChicks Collective are confidential. PsyChicks simply acts as a liaison service to facilitate these connections, we do not have any control over the business conducted by our PsyChick Collective membership. However, if ever you feel uncomfortable or have been misled, or harassed by anyone in our community please do reach out. This is against our policies and we will remove them. Contact Us.