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We are an international community of spiritually curious individuals coming together to share knowledge, experience, and encouragement in a casual and collaborative way.

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 To encourage self-love and self-trust through the exploration of all things metaphysical, supernatural, witchy, and woo.

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The PsyChicks Community

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The PsyChicks Collective

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Reading Exchanges

Looking for other spiritually gifted people to practice with? We host casual reading exchanges to help give opportunities for you to connect with others and gain experience.

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Metaphysical Meet-Ups and Mixers

Get together offline, in the real world with other members of the PsyChicks community. Members of our spiritual business collective host in person meet ups and mixers in their local area.

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Our Spiritual Business Collective

As a PsyChick Collective member you are able to promote and share your spiritual offerings to the PsyChicks community. You are also listed on our website directory as an official collective member and can take advantage of the business resources and tools that we have to help you be successful. 

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The PsyChicks Community

Become part of an uplifting and positive online community full of casual metaphysical enthusiasts from all over the world.

Looking for a place to ask questions, share insight, and feel understood our PsyChicks Community is a wonderful place to meet like-minded open-minded magical chickees like you.

The objective of our community is to encourage self-love and self-trust through the exploration of the metaphysical. We feature women of all experience levels, ages, and beliefs. There are no gurus or specific practices preached, just a space for collaboration and sharing to help you find your own way.

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The PsyChicks Collective

The PsyChicks Collective is our spiritual business collective. If you are a psychic, medium, card reader, transformational coach or metaphysical shop operator you can become part of our collective. The benefit of being in our collective is that you get the opportunity to share your spiritual business offerings with our community. Answer questions, go live, and host events ( online and in-person ) to find customers for your business.

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