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PsyChick Moon Summersong


Whether you need insight and advice on a specific situation, projected outcomes, general questions, clearing soul ties or negative energy, or help awakening to your true power and purpose, I can help. Working on breaking core beliefs and generational curses that have been holding you back is also something I am very passionate about. I can help contact your inner child, your ancestors, star family and guides. Breaking down the fabric of this realm we live in. Helping to unveil truth. Discussion, exploring, learning and healing the spiritual, emotional and physical. Uniting like minds as we grow together. As a childhood and domestic abuse survivor, I have learned the importance of shadow work and deep introspection, along with faith and connection to Source, to end repeating cycles of trauma, misfortune, abuse, and lack of boundaries and self love. My psychic and intuitive abilities can help you connect with your ancestors, spirit guides, deceased relatives and pets. I also inner-stand the importance of being heard, and will graciously listen with an empathetic loving ear. Additionally, I am happy to say that I have added trauma releasing breathwork, yoga and somatic exercises to my practice. What I have learned is that trauma can get trapped in our nervous system and chakras, and can cause us to unknowingly repeat harmful patterns, even if we have been doing our affirmations, shadow work, trying our best, visualizing and thinking positively. The body does not forget. These were mechanisms that saved you at the time you were experiencing the trauma, but its time to release this pain and stagnation, and free up your nervous system and God Source energy. These releases and breakthroughs, especially with the breathwork have been profound.

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