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PsyChick Ellie

Hello, world! I'm Ellie, an intuitive card reader. I use tarot & oracle cards, numerology, astrology, and more to provide messages of self-empowerment, introspection, and gentle guidance.
I have a growing YouTube channel and Instagram account showcasing everything tarot & oracle decks and have also been a guest on the Tarot Today Live radio show. In addition to holding certifications as a Certified Tarot Reader from The Tarot Guild and Certified Angel Tarot Reader from Radleigh Valentine, I am always looking to learn more and grow my skills with the mystical and magical.
My spiritual journey began in middle school when I stumbled upon the Tarot Nova deck, and I felt an instant connection to its whimsical, mystical artwork. Eventually, life in general took its toll and I tucked the deck away for years. However, fate brought me back to the tarot during the events of 2020. As I cleared out my closet, the deck reappeared, and I knew the time was right for me to awaken. It was a pivotal moment that reignited my connection with my guides, my higher self, and the intuitive gifts I had let lie dormant for far too long. Immersed in the study of the tarot and the insightful messages it offers, I discovered a profound understanding of myself and the world around me. The tarot became a powerful tool, guiding me towards self-empowerment, a shift in perception, and a deep alignment with the life I desired. Now, with two years of experience and an array of intuitive tools, I am dedicated to helping others find gentle guidance in areas such as career, self-care, self-empowerment, and reclaiming personal power. Drawing upon Divine Feminine energy, my readings resonate deeply with those seeking to connect with their own inherent wisdom. Clients who work with me not only experience empowerment, inspiration, and a renewed sense of direction, but also feel a cosmic fist bump from the Universe, igniting a desire to manifest their dreams.
What sets my readings apart is the experience I create for you. In my video-recorded sessions, I deliver a personalized video that begins with a little introduction, setting the stage for your unique reading. Throughout the reading, I offer insightful observations, such as numerology, predominant suits, archetypes, or astrology, to provide a deeper understanding of the cards' messages. To conclude, I provide activities for journaling or meditation, offering guidance for continued self-reflection and growth. In my live readings, we start with a guided meditation to align and prepare ourselves for connection. Together, we’ll engage in the reading with your active involvement as I pull cards to unveil profound insights. As we reach the end of our session, I close the reading and offer suggestions for journaling or meditation to support your journey.
Feedback is highly valued, as I strive to continuously improve my offerings. After you receive your reading via email, video recording, or live call, I will send you a quick Google Form to share your thoughts and experiences.
To embark on this transformative journey, visit my website, There, you can browse and purchase readings from my shop page, and open the door to a world of intuitive guidance and soulful exploration. If that sounds good, I humbly invite you to connect with me!

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