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PsyChick Shaina

My name is Shaina and I’m here to tell you that life doesn’t always have to be so bleak. I spent the better part of my 30’s in a depression that would eventually spiral down so deep that there was literally no other way to go, than up! I mean, I could’ve just stayed there in my misery and let life pass me by and miss curating a beautiful life and wonderful relationships with my kids, but I was unwilling to continue on that path.My 4th pregnancy was the one that truly stirred the pot and put me over the edge, however it was definitely not the starting point. It was a slow simmering pot of Goulas for years before that. Being a healer, life coach, fitness enthusiast and passionate dancer truly helped to keep all of those feelings at bay, for a while. But, when we decided to move to Europe during the never ending doom of a pandemic that’s truly when it all hit. I stopped doing everything that I loved.I was stuck in the house with 4 kids.I started homeschooling.Wine became my best friend…There was a moment in time when I just knew enough was enough, and I literally couldn’t go on like this any longer.With a little push from a friend, determination, and deep diving into healing!I got OUT! The shadow is real, and you can heal it! It’s not just about facing it, you gotta go through it, and release it!It has become my mission to help mama’s and caregivers that are struggling to help themselves, to actually help themselves out of the rough! To go through it all, with a friend, with someone who truly cares, with someone who just gets it!Mama’s you deserve, to feel normal, to feel good, happy, healthy and to be fully living your life!! You’ve got this, and I’ve got you!

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