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  • Sound Healing, Shadow Worker, Chakra Alignment, Energy Healing, Spellworker

๐Ÿ“Location: Florence South Carolina 

Price Range: $50- $99

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PsyChick Crystal


Hello my Lovelies! I bring healing and guidance with a unique method of Readings. I use many different tools, including Runes, Bones, Flame, Crystal Ball, Smoke, Crystals, Wax, Egg and more! I work with Energy to heal and to manifest. With 30+ Years Experience, I have crafted many methods including Shadow Work, Sound Healing, Spell Work, Energy Healing and Chakra alignment. I am here to help bring you closer to your higher self and create your own Magick. Namaste'

Crystal - Sound Healing, Shadow Worker, Chakra Alignment, Energy Healing, Spellworker in Florence South Carolina

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