How to Figure Out Who You Are Most Suited to Service as A Spiritual Practitioner

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Do you operate a spiritual business and are feeling lost about who the best clients are for you to help? We have created a signature process for identifying who you best potential customers are and what you need to share with them to establish trust and warm them towards your offerings.

Get access to a FREE workbook and worksheet that promises to give you insight and finally the answer to the question: Who are my most aligned clients?

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Our spiritual community is serviced by a collective of fun, bright, high-energy, supportive personalities. We are NOT a hotline but a co-operative group of passionate lightworkers who are here to support the PsyChicks Community. Each participant is independent and unique. We work collaboratively to provide a welcoming community experience for our members.

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This Workbook & Worksheet Will Help You Figure Out Your Perfect-Fit Customer

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Brandie Michelle Peters is the founder of PsyChicks & the PsyChicks Collective

In 2019 Brandie created PsyChicks with goal of creating a collaborative community where many Metaphysical Practitioners could work together to create a welcoming community environment. Brandie's background is in digital marketing strategies with over 11 years of experience in the helping, healing, spiritual and personal development niche. She is currently does PsyChicks as a passion project while working full-time as the marketing director at Keith's Cacao.

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