Our Mission: To Empower self love and self trust through the  exploration of the metaphysical.

Please read the information below to understand how to use the PsyChicks free Facebook Group 

Dearest new and existing members of the PsyChicks Casual Metaphysical Facebook Group, we are incredibly excited that you are here. On this page you will find some of the important information that we would like you to understand before participating in our relaxed spiritual community here on the Meta platform.


Over the years social media has become less friendly to open conversations about different spiritual concepts, events going on in the world relating to metaphysical and political ideas ( obviously ). Pre the COVID pandemic we were open to discussions of all types and encouraged civil conversation and debate about a variety of different topics. However due to the contentious nature and the fact that the group reach is dramatically limited when certain subject matter is discussed we have to focus our group on the main mission of our community: empowering individuals with self love and self trust.This will be done by warmly welcoming you to use our group in the following ways.


Anything relating to spiritual and personal development. Intuition practice and increasing your self trust. If it fits into the category of Metaphysics. We often say that we love all things psychic, mystical, magical, witchy and woo!


 If you have something going on in your life that you would like the group to provide you with positive feedback in the form of prayer, light, love or other feel free to post and ask. If you have an intuitive zing but would like someone else to feel into it for you this is also welcome. Requests for free readings, mediumship, or other “services” are not allowed outside of an admin posted thread. These types of posts almost always attract spammers and scammers and therefore we have had to ban them from our community.


Always welcome. Keep in mind Facebook does tend to sanction posts that are url links being posted. Instead, post with text and share the link to the referenced media or resource in the comments so that your post is not blocked. We do allow for discussion and sharing on links and resources that are shared by our members. We are not here to mediate any political disagreements and ask that everyone interact maturely and with respect to the differing views of others.


Do you want to show off your altar? Have you purchased a cool tarot deck or other metaphysical merchandise? Took a picture and saw a spirit in it? Have an interesting image or video that you have made that you think our members would enjoy. Artist? We’d love to see your work. Feel free to post and share images and content from your life that you think our community can relate to. Just be warned that the group is large and members come from all over. For safety you may wish to protect your children’s faces, exact location, or other personal details when sharing.


  • No requests for free readings or services
  • No offering of free readings or services
  • No sharing of business offerings outside of designated threads posted by admins
  • Admins will approve all create official messenger chats
  • Treat others the way you would want to be treated
  • Tread lightly with social media sensitive subjects, specifically political debates or controversies. World events etc. It isn’t that we don’t want them, it is that groups that focus on this type of content tend to get shut down.


Click the link below and then request to join. Once your membership has been accepted write an introduction post and say hello!

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Our spiritual community is serviced by a collective of fun, bright, high-energy, supportive personalities. We are NOT a hotline but a co-operative group of passionate lightworkers who are here to support the PsyChicks Community. Each participant is independent and unique. We work collaboratively to provide a welcoming community experience for our members.

You can connect privately with any member of our collect using the "send a message" feature on the directory.

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