We Need Your Help!

This is YOUR invitation to be part of what we are building across the globe. As a PsyChicks Casual Metaphysical Community leader you can create , and influence your own group of casual spiritual enthusiasts online and in your local area! 

The PsyChicks Collective is a unique opportunity to promote your spiritual business offerings in a holistic, community focused fashion. Become a recognized leader and help raise global consciousness, simply by creating welcoming spaces and experiences for those seeking connection and support.

How It Works: Inside The PsyChicks Collective

>> What we offer to spiritual business operators is access to an audience of people who identify as being interested in furthering their personal growth and understanding of metaphysical ideas and concepts. The specific benefit of being part of the PsyChicks Collective is that you are introduced and featured as an expert and reliable business operator on the PsyChicks website, social media channels, and the community group.You also gain access to a helpful batch of business growth tools and professional resources including the step by step process for hosting your own PsyChicks Meet-Ups or Metaphysical Mixers. 

We Are A Guru-Free Collective. Instead we focus on providing our members with an encouraging community for peer support, mentorship and teaching. We are looking for people to join our collective who want to be community leaders and hold space for our members, and in exchange will be provided with access to our platform for business promotion.

Our community exists in 4 ways.
- Facebook Group
- Email Marketing / Newsletter
- Virtual Events: Mixers, Reading Exchanges, Classes & Webinars
- In-Person Events: You can host these in your local area.

Are you struggling to find people who are interested in your metaphysical offerings?

Spiritual practitioners, you MIGHT be thinking of your business marketing all wrong.

Since it was founded in 2019, PsyChicks has existed with a variety of different services and offerings designed with the goal of providing client matchmaking services for practitioners and members of our spiritual community. We've learned a lot about what resonates with our fellow metaphysical enthusiasts and what does not - and we're here to tell you that, self serving, wannabe guru style marketing is OUT and authentic  connection and community focused marketing IS IN.

Ready to Build That Genuine Community Connection With All The Good Vibes?

‚úĒÔłŹ¬†Directory Listing With Links On The PsyChicks Website

We run ads to this website consistently and we get dozens of hits every single day. We are out there looking for people who identify with being casual metaphysical enthusiasts and have an interest in developing their self-trust, self-love, and personal intuition. When you sign up we feature your business on our directory with links to your website and social media. We provide you with a "reach out to me" contact form that services potential client leads directly to your email inbox.

‚úĒÔłŹ¬†Marketing Assistance to Fill Your Own In-Person Events and Co-Host Our Virtual Mixers

How would you like to be hosting virtual and in-person events where the purpose is to network and build relationships with other passionate metaphysical enthusiasts and spiritually curious people? We understand that there are some unique challenges that spiritual practitioners have when it comes to getting people to find out about the work that they do and getting them to buy. We have proven through various sold out events of our own that THE BEST way to build trust with potential customers and feel aligned in your marketing is by hosting community-focused events. Not only do we help our PsyChicks Collective members organize and lead these events we handle the marketing, assuring that your events have guests in attendance and are successful in promoting your work without feeling to salesy or tactical.

‚úĒÔłŹ¬†Featured Expert & Admin Status in Our Engaged Community On Facebook

Don't struggle alone to build your own group when you can jump right in as an expert in ours. When you become a collective member you are granted expert and mod status within the PsyChicks Facebook community, where you are allowed to promote your business by writing posts, going live, sharing your lead magnets as well as other content. 


A special feature of being in the PsyChicks Collective is our PsyChicks client matchmaking services. We provide you with qualified and interested leads directly to your inbox.



How does PsyChicks Collective client matchmaking work?

>> We market you online to promote the spiritual niche services and offerings that members of our collective have for sale. We do this via the social media ads we run,  our Shopify merchandise store where email readings and 1 hour sessions can be advertised, as well as to our email list ( 5000+ active readers ) and social media group and profiles

>> We act as a pre-qualifier servicing you the leads that would be the best fit for what you do, recommending you as a member of our collective. Leads come in specifically for you and we share with you a simple step-by-step system to engage with them.

>> You make the sale! We find the people, you build the relationship and get he sale. We do not take a commission from your sale, you only pay your monthly membership for this! The cost is your membership fee of $39.99. 

Optional, separate fee of 40% on bookings via our Shopify store. *see below* 

‚≠źNew Feature #1 ‚≠ź

  To Help Make Monetizing Your Activity With PsyChicks Easier, You Can Sell Email Readings Via Our Shopify Store

Optional feature of our Collective is to offer a $39.99 email 3 card reading or non card, written intuitive assessments to our community members. You are paid 60% per booking , we take 40% for cost of hosting your offers in our shop.  

You can also offer 1 hour sessions with you for $99 with the same arrangement of 60/40 split.

‚≠źNew Feature #2 ‚≠ź

Group Support Chat

We have a bustling private chat with other collective members supporting one another and giving tips and strategies. PsyChicks founder Brandie is there giving guidance and assistance to help you make the most out of your collective membership.


‚≠źNew Feature #3 ‚≠ź¬†

In Person and Virtual Events

As of 2023 we are now producing in-person AND virtual events. There is nothing quite like the experience of a room full of spiritually-led women supporting one another and connecting. If you would like to host a Mixer or Meet-Up in your local area we will work with you to fill it up! Our mission is to empower self-love and self-trust through the casual exploration of the Metaphysical. PsyChicks is a vessel to work in the light creating supportive, intentional community where-ever you are.


Meet PsyChicks Founder: Brandie Michelle

Hello, my name is Brandie Michelle Peters. I am an intuitive and creative entrepreneur. My background is in marketing in the health, wellness and spiritual industry. I am currently employed full time as the marketing director of Keith's Cacao. I launched PsyChicks in 2019 because I wanted to create a shared platform ( not a "thought-leader" or guru ran ) spiritual community to benefit many lightworkers and healers who were willing and excited to work together. Since then we have had many incarnations of the collective. In 2023 , we started producing in-person local events to take our collective offline and into the real world ( and have always sold out ) . My vision for the 2024 variation of PsyChicks is to create a strong collective where everyone feels as if their indvidual businesses are benefiting from the co-operation of a united collective.

Brandie's Website

What we are building is POWERFUL . If you believe in spreading love & light, wish to use your gifts to make a difference, and are not afraid to show up, be brave, and collaborate kindly with others. Then there is a place in PsyChicks for you!

Sound Good To You? Here is how you join the

Step 1:

Pay your first month $39.99.  You will be able to access the member's area ( available starting April 1st ) , and the group chat ( available immediately ) . Your directory listing profile will be installed within 24-48 hours of you submitting your details.  and once your profile is up you can announce yourself as a new collective member and begin to take advantage of services.


Step 2:

Fill Out The Onboarding Form. This form is where you put in all of your important details including your bio and your business links.*After you pay you are auto-redirected. If you need time to fill it out, the form is also emailed to you.

Step 3:

Get started. Once you are fully onboarded and the membership fee is paid you are welcome and encouraged to start interacting with the group, following up with your professional leads and planning your virtual or in-person events. As a member of the collective it is your job to remain active and take advantage of all that your membership provides.

SIGN UP $39.99 monthly

Commitment is month to month you can leave the collective any time. Would you like to join for a full year?

Click Below 

*This will automatically begin the onboarding process for you, you will be prompted to pay once you have filled everything out and qualify to be a PsyChicks Collective member.

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