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"Your Reiki blessings are on their way, so stand in your confidence and transmute that inner critic! Leave your doubt behind, step into your inner knowing and let the Reiki lead you to an abundant life!"

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Hi! My name is Christine and I am a Shamanic Reiki Master and Coach. I specialize in helping Reiki practitioners and spiritually inclined individuals seeking helpin their self-discovery for inner truth and empowerment. 

I am blessed with the ability to feel into the energetic Chakras of the body, allowing me to feel the strength of flow. In doing this, I often pick up on intrusive objects, entities, and cord connections that are no longer serve the health and healing of the individual. Throughout this process, I am clairvoyant, seeing the energy entities, guides and power animals of the person that I am working with. I am also clairaudient, receiving messages to be relayed. 

What You Can Expect in a Session with Christine

A session with me can take shape in a variety of different ways, depending on your unique needs. You will be welcomed into a sacred and safe space to do deep healing work. Each session will start with the question: “What’s your intention for this session… if you can wave a magic wand and receive your desired outcome, what would it be?” Some techniques that I may use include Chakra analysis, shamanic guided meditation or reiki coaching.

The process of Chakra analysis allows me to read the health and well-being of your Chakras, discovering areas for improvement in your life. This is accomplished by receiving visions and messages to relay to you, providing guidance and direction for self-improvement in any area of your life. 

A personalized Shamanic Guided Meditation will provide you with the opportunity to meet your power animal or spirit guide, allowing you to ask for guidance or insight into anything that has been weighing heavy on your soul. This is a deeply personal journey that I will help you navigate. 

Finally, a session may incorporate Reiki healing, future envisioning, and coaching techniques, allowing you to discover and embrace your strength from within. This will empower you to take this strength with you into every area of your life. 

About Me: 

I have served thousands of students and clients worldwide with success. In addition to my spiritual gifts and training, I have completed a number of different certifications and training opportunities to better understand and use my abilities to help others. 

This includes: 

  • Usui Reiki Master 2004
  • Shamanic Practitioner 2009 
  • NLP 2021
  • Hypnotherapy 2021 
  • EFT 2021 
  • T.I.M.E. Techniques 2021 
  • Life & Success Coaching 2021 
  • Taboo Method Coach 2021

Reiki has always been part of my life as my father was a Reiki Practitioner when I was a child. Once I left home as a young adult, the first opportunity to learn Reiki came at age 20 and I jumped at the chance to learn for myself. Life threw me some curveballs, but Reiki was always there for me! I leaned into the spiritual realm for support which helped me tremendously, especially to have the courage to leave a tremolturous first marriage. Only then did I allow my power and skills to blossom and mature in my 30s as I began to fully realize my gifts of sensing energy and intuition. With this, I stepped into my power and opened my first successful brick & mortar Reiki business.

In addition to my spiritual gifts, I also am a certified spiritual coach that has provided me with additional experience and knowledge on how to share my gifts and use this newfound clarity to improve the lives of those that I work with. 

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