Start Your Psychic, Reader, Mediumship, Coaching or Healing Business Today With The Help of The PsyChicks Collective 

Are you an aspiring psychic, reader, healer, medium or transformational coach wanting to get your side-hustle spiritual business off the ground as soon as possible?

The PsyChick Collective Incubator 🐣 Apprenticeship program is a weekly educational experience that is specifically designed to help those with gifts, skillsets and modality experience build their confidence so they can start making some extra income as spiritualists getting paid for their services. 

In this program you will get support developing the required business skills required in order to successfully get your first paying customers.

While in this program you will be allowed to use the community of PsyChicks to practise your skills and find your first customers with direct support from experienced mentors who know exactly what to do to turn a complete stranger into a first time happy paying customer for spiritual services online.

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⭐ What We Will Cover 

Over 8 Weeks We Will Cover The Basic Essential Knowledge That You Need To Start Making An Income As A Psychic, Tarot Reader, Astrologist, or Medium Online AND In The Real World

Positioning Yourself and Your Offer

How to describe yourself and stand out in order to attract clients. You will be challenged to get visible and start showing up as YOU!

Taking Payment and Booking

How to process payments easily and take bookings. You will set up a payment processing system and booking calendar so you can start getting paid easily.

Creating Your Offer and Deliverables

Defining and describing your offering in an attractive way. You will learn how to describe your work and offer promises in an easy to say yes to way.

Managing Your Leads and Building Your Client List

How to turn a 1 free question lead into a paying customer on your calendar. You will learn how to turn 1 free question inquiries served to you from PsyChicks into paid bookings.

Basic Tech Tools Set Up and Automations

What technical tools and systems you need to have in place in order to make managing your business easy. You will be introduced to 3 very simple tech tools that will make managing your business simple.

Finding Customers

Where and how to find customers for your services in person and online. You will be able to start using the PsyChicks community to promote yourself and begin to book customers right away.

What Your Will Get The Deliverables

🌟 A profile listing as an apprentice on the PsyChicks Website for 8 weeks. AND Your own lead gen form on the PsyChicks website where new clients can reach out to you!

🌟 8 Live Lessons With Brandie + Mariposa With Action Taking Homework
4 Q&A Sessions For Homework Feedback


🌟 Brandie's mail reading booking funnel template
🌟 The one free question response template ( increases offer uptake by 75% ) 

While in the apprenticeship program YOU CAN promote yourself and our services and gain practice using The PsyChicks Collective Facebook Group & Mighty Networks Community 💖

WATCH THIS VIDEO 👉 What do the PsyChicks have to say about being PsyChicks?


Not Sure If The Incubator Is For You?

We have put together a series of 3 FREE trainings to watch, that will teach you some basics and help you get familiar with what PsyChicks has to offer!

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Step #2 - Fill Out Your Profile Details ( So we can put you up on the website ) 

Step #3 - Book a quick intro call!
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Step #4- Access Members Area Where The Class Schedule and Next Steps Are Instantly Available ( Lessons are live for 8 weeks starting on October 17th )

You will be listed on the PsyChicks and website and be able to start introducing yourself right away.

Yes, while your are in this program you will be able to promote your business inside of the 18K member PsyChicks Facebook Group & Mighty Networks Platform, Be featured on our Website, and Interact as a Member of The PsyChicks Business Collective

Meet Your Mentors

PsyChick Brandie Michelle

Founder of PsyChicks Collective, Digital Marketing Strategist ( 11 Years ) , Psychic Intuitive Empath Tarot Reader

Since 2011 I have worked professionally in the online marketing space selling my own creative talents, digital products and marketing services. 2 years ago I started PsyChicks and the PsyChick business collective to help psychics, mediums, healers, and coaches collaboratively service one amazing community and genuinely build their businesses together. I am offering this apprenticeship because there are some basic fundamentals that I believe any business ( spiritual or otherwise ) needs to know before starting to market or sell themselves online. My hope is to help hundreds of women create impact and extra income for their families as psychics, readers and healers online.


PsyChick Mariposa Young

3rd Generation Professional Spiritualist & Witch for Hire. OG PsyChick , Spiritual Business Mentor 

Ever since I was a little girl I was taught magical traditions and how to hone my metaphysical talents by my mother and grandmother. Because of my upbringing I have been professionally working as a spiritualist since my adolescent years ( first in person and then online ) . My interest in offering this apprenticeship is to help as many gifted women as possible, improve their confidence, learn some tricks of the trade, and become capable of earning a lucrative side-income offering spiritual services online and in the real world.

🐣 The 8 Week Curriculum 🐣 

👉 What you will be learning from Brandie & Mariposa over the next 8 weeks. 

Week #1 - Values & Integrity Talk

What are some of the best practices and considerations when doing readings for people. How to create your own set of ethical commitments ( value pillars ) for your business.

Week #2 - Your Offering

What is it that you will be selling, what is the scope of your offering, what are your promised deliverables. We will also cover disclaimers and refund policies.

Week #3 - Your Speciality & Customer Identity

Who is your ideal customer and what do you offer to them that is specific to their needs. Learn to speak to this person and call them in to book an experience with you.

Week #4 - Your Tech Tools ( 3 Easy Pieces ) 

How to take payments. Book your appointments and manage your client list. Really easy and affordable tech tools.

Week #5 - Managing Your 1 Free Question Inbox

How to manage your one free question inbox and convert inquiries for your services into customers using this as your main introduction tool.

Week #6 - Getting Testimonials

The importance of getting and sharing your customer testimonials. How to ask for them so that you almost always get one. How to display them in order to attract more clients.

Week #7 - Selling, Upselling and Client List Management

How to sell confidently and how to nurture your client list for repeat customers.

Week #8 - Marketing Strategy Basics

A very simple strategy that will help you to consistently attract new leads, make sales and be visible in the correct audience so that your business is constantly growing.

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Price is $222, You Will Make 3 Monthly Payments of $74 

Please indicate your modality and if you have been paid to provide this as a service before or if you have not. Even if you are a complete beginner you can sign up we just want to know this detail about you so that we can provide you with the best support! 💖

Signing up adds you to the PsyChicks email list. We only share the details with the host of this event. You can unsubb any time.

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Getting your first paid clients as a part time tarot reader online!

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In this free to attend training I will be teaching you how to get your first paying clients as a part-time tarot reader.

How to start charging for psychic readings online

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Another free to attend training all about how to start charging and getting paid for your psychic readings.

Tools to help you successfully run your online tarot reading business

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Introducing you to all of the best tools for running a part-time psychic, medium, energy healing, or tarot reading business.

Getting Started With Psychic Fairs & Festivals 

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