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Your life and business are going to radically up level over the next four months and I cannot wait to be on this journey with you.

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Healing & Wellness

Hello, my name is Jade ( Dr Jade Geary ) and I am a mentor and spiritual advisor for those who wish to experience radical transformation in their lives. I work with the tools of reiki, crystals, tarot and oracle cards as well as with my own experience and knowledge as a spiritualist to help my clients experience what can only be described as “deep healing.”

The gifts that I possess are the gifts of “knowing” and intuitive instinct, I am also incredibly empathic and will be able to quickly understand the emotional state of those who come to me for help. When you are working with me I will read for you ( using my tools ) and then we will use insight from spirit to get to the route of what is holding you back. Experiences with me can be incredibly productive as we typically are able to diagnose the area of your life that needs healing and then also come up with a strategy ( a plan ) for you to make the changes that you desire. To assist you in moving forward I will do energy healing to remove anything burdensome so you’ll walk away from our session feeling lighter and able to take action.

Why I do this work


My reason for doing this work is because I have a passion for helping other empathic people unlock and live up to their full potential. I enjoy walking beside people as they create a vision and then take action on it, completely transforming their lives. I myself have experienced massive personal growth through these processes and I truly believe in the magic that comes when you embrace your witchy, mystical powers and are properly supported through your awakening.

In addition to the healing and the strategizing that we will do, I promise that your time with me will be filled with joy, encouragement, support, and healing. I look forward to taking your questions specific to what your purpose is or how you can make your wildest dreams your  reality!

My certifications include Reiki Level 1+2. I am also very knowledgeable about online business, specifically creating your own signature course. 

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