Practice Reading Speed Dating

June 17th, 2022

Community Event
Practice Intuition Experience
6pm - 8:30pm MST
( 5pm PST / 8pm EST )

If You Cannot Attend But Sign Up For A Spot You Will be Credited for a Future Speed Dating Event 

Event Description:

At This Event You Will Be Given The Opportunity to Provide 4 Practice Readings to Our Members and Some of The PsyChick Collective Mentors, You Will Also Receive 4 Practice Readings


How it works:

✨We will all meet in Zoom! And then be paired up for practice readings.

  ✨Your pair will stick together for 30 minutes total and each do a 15 minute reading on one another, in this time you can also give one another feedback.

  ✨You will be matched 4 times total. This portion of the event is 2 hours long.

Members of our collective will also be participating so in some pairings you may be matched with them!

Then we will all meet together in zoom for a wrap up party and Q&A where there will be names drawn for prizes as well as a panel discussion with the PsyChicks Collective.

Price per attendee is $10 a person. 
This holds your spot and compensates us for organizing the event.

This is going to be a fun, relaxed way to practice our intuitive abilities and meet other fun people.
Beginners are more than welcome.
No previous experience needed.

Bring whatever assisting tools you would like to practice, tarot, oracle, pendulum, crystals etc. 

Who's in?

About PsyChicks 

Intuition & Gift Development

If you identify as being intuitively gifted, empathic, psychic, or spiritual in-tune then this is a great place for you to be! PsyChicks provides an accessible space where you can discuss your experiences, practice your abilities and be warmly received by others who are doing the same. If you would like to invest in your development, we have some of the most experienced, compassionate, and unique mentors available in our PsyChick Collective. By providing both paid and free classes for intuitive , and metaphysical development, PsyChicks is not just a place to make friends and hang out, but also a place to grow and learn.

The PsyChicks Collective

Through our PsyChicks Collective, we help to match the spi-curious members who are interested in receiving healing, guidance, and education with a variety of different professionals who feel called to encourage, lead and nurture others. We are pleased to offer an ever-evolving roster of unique talent in our community. Below you will find the profiles of our current members. Feel free to browse their profiles and see who resonates with you. Each profile hosts a one free question button, that will allow you to submit your inquiries directly to any PsyChick Collective member. 

The Collective

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