Finding and Booking In Person Psychic Fairs and Festivals

Are you a psychic medium, tarot reader, insightful intuitive, or healer who would like to make some extra money with your gifts?

One of the best ways to get started and gain experience as a professional is by participating in in-person psychic fairs and festivals.

Want to learn more about this? PsyChick Mariposa is offering a FREE live workshop all about finding, booking and succeeding as a metaphysical business owner doing in-person events.

What you'll learn at In Person Psychic Fairs and Festivals with Mariposa

⭐ How to find and book psychic fairs and festivals 

⭐ What to expect your first time at one of these events

⭐ How to make money at these events, pricing, timing, working within the rules, standing out at the event.

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Booking In Person Psychic Fairs and Festivals

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Meet Your Teacher!

My name is Mariposa Young and I am an intuitive, compassionate psychic medium here talented in several modalities. Here in the free question area, I can read your palm and give you insight and spiritual advice around your love life, career, metaphysical talents, mental health, and so much more depending on your question. I use my well-honed instinct, foresight (I like to call it future sight!), your guides and the helpful spirits around them to dial in to a genuine connection.

Heirloom Divination Skills

I was taught by my mother and grandmother how to read palms, cards, and the stars starting at a very young age, before I learned to read! I've kept up with my practice all my life.

I Thrive In Group Settings

In my 20s, I would be a reader at large corporate events. I do really well at parties, celebrations, meetings, and fairs!

I Want to Pass Along My Knowledge

While doing readings for entertainment and self-discovery is very fulfilling, I am called to help others gain the knowledge, practice, and confidence to do readings themselves, especially palmistry.

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