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We will dive into the root of your heartbreak/trauma to help you on your path of healing
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PsyChick Milisa
Offering: tarot reading, oracle reading, intuitive counsel, healing

Hello my name is Milisa and I am an oracle card reader who specializes in providing readings specific to healing trapped emotion, overcoming personal obstacles, and achieving your personal goals. 

I work with clients who are going through difficult times such as break up, loss or moving into new chapters of their lives.

Using my gift of intuitive “knowing” and oracle cards, I help to give you comfort , guidance and valuable insight about what your future holds. I love to encourage and support as we work through your most pressing personal challenges.

I have the ability to connect with your guides and share wisdom from the other side with you!
My cards help me do this in a way that is focused and clear.

After a session with me you will feel more secure and comfortable knowing that there is a bright and positive future to look towards. If anything comes up that we need to heal or examine I will provide you with the right advice and resources so that you can begin that process without feeling overwhelmed.

I identify as a healer and it brings me great joy to provide this relief to others. I am easy to talk to. Always honest , down to earth and real.

I look forward to hearing your questions and giving you loving support.

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