PsyChick Sarah Jane
Sarah Jane 

Spiritual Coaching, Consultation Services and Online Courses

📍Location: St Louis Missouri USA

Offering: intuitive advice, psychic readings, mediumship, life / transformational coaching, tarot or oracle card reading, energy work 

Tools: Tarot/Oracle Cards, Crystals

Price Range: $99+

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PsyChick Sarah
Sarah Jane Patton

Psychic Intuitive in St Louis Missouri USA

I am an Intuitive Guide and Psychic Medium with a passion for women’s empowerment and spiritual leadership. I am also a motivational speaker and author of the best-selling book, From Broken to Beautiful.As a teacher and spiritual leader, I use my divine gifts to help others. Rather it be through my personal one on one sessions, a class I teach, or stage I am speaking on, I use my innate wisdom and divine guidance to connect with those I am serving. I am on a mission to help shift the world in leadership as I believe every human is a leader. I use my real-life experiences to inspire others to become empowered in their spiritual leadership by what I have learned through my own triumphs and tribulations. My ability to be vulnerable and display of my determination to overcome the challenges I have faced, is how I captivate my audience and inspire them to live a more purposeful and spiritually connected life.My passion for leadership has inspired me to teach others how to lead with a heart-centered vision and purpose, assisting in elevating the consciousness of the collective. I help teach others how to connect with their divine wisdom and spiritual gifts to enable massive transformation for spiritual leaders, healers, coaches, mentors, business owners, and entrepreneurs supporting them to create the life they dream of having. I support my clients so their success can be achieved by being in service to others through love and integrity while utilizing the tools I teach them. I am devoted to creating unity amongst all of humanity.

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