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Divine Guidance Healing With Mystic B

Think Horoscopes but way better!!! Channelled weekly for each sign - Fire, Water, Earth & Air - using Tarot & Oracle divination by myself. Insight into your coming weeks can be such a valuable life tool. Access the magick today 🔮

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My name is Bianca and I am psychic intuitive who helps my clients by providing them with clarity and guidance regarding their life both internally and externally.

If you are in need of advice, support, guidance or understanding in any area, love life, career, business, purpose and future I can be of assistance. The way that I support people is using my natural intuitive gifts ( knowing ) paired with my favourite tools, tarot and pendulum to give them insight and advice on whatever area they are curious about. 

People tend to come to me when they are feeling a bit challenged by their current circumstances and would like to be advised on what they should do next to improve their personal situation. I enjoy giving readings that are fun, uplifting and inspirational. I am an incredibly straight-shooter and won’t sugarcoat things, but I will also make sure you feel cared for, protected and heard.

How a session with me works is that I will get your permission to tap into your energy and then use my Tarot Cards and Pendulum to weigh in. You can ask specific questions about your life or receive a general current, past, and future reading. Depending on how deep you want to go we can use the insight we garner to reflect on different areas of your life. I love to offer comfort and healing ( at no extra charge *wink* ) by providing you with some affirmation, validation and helping to lift any heavy energy that comes up.

If you would like to have a reading experience that is relaxed, friendly and insightful then I am the PsyChick for you. Think of it as a conversation with a caring friend who has your best interest in mind. I am sure in our session we will have some laughs and maybe release some tears. I’ll try to keep it down to earth, but who are we kidding, we’re dealing with the metaphysical! 

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