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"I take intuitives from doubting their gifts to building a unfuckwithable intuitive connection, life + biz!"

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Spiritual Gift Development & Akashic Records

Hi, my name is Erin and I am an intuitive mentor for other spiritual business owners and aspirational individuals who want to use their spiritual talents to transform their own life as well as the lives of others. The work that I do is all about helping you feel more confident in your abilities, providing you with encouragement, modality skills development and mindset healing so that you can step into the next chapter of your life with confidence. The work that I do with my clients is a combination of spiritual modalities including shamanism, soul realignment and clearing, reiki energy healing, and providing intuitive guidance as well as working in the Akashic Records. The specific transformation I offer, is taking you from feeling insecure in your abilities to being confident, clear and ready to use your gifts to help others. 

Your experience with me

You already know that you have spiritual abilities and gifts BUT you don’t feel 100% secure and confident in how they work and how you can use them effectively. With my help, I can assist you in better understanding your abilities and honing them so that you can use them effectively to help yourself as well as assist others. The way that we do this is through mindset improvement, healing your past traumas, overcoming limiting beliefs and repeating patterns, as well as creating processes and procedures for you to follow that will help your gifts come through. It is a lot all at once, I know! This is why I also provide personal support as your mentor to make sure that while you are working through all of these different things you are also being encouraged, uplifted and guided. When you work with me long-term the end result I can provide is absolute confidence in your abilities, so much so that if you so desire you will be able to start making an income offering spiritual services to others. Although, I can work with those who want to learn about their gifts for themselves, my primary passion is supporting other aspiring healers, lightworkers, readers, psychic intuitives, and mediums to step forward and create businesses of their own.

My Modalities

I am very diverse in the modalities that I practice and use them all in combination when I am working 1:1 with clients. However, the two areas that I am most knowledgeable in are Intuitive Development and guidance,  as well as working in The Akashic Records. The way that I incorporate Intuitive Development and Guidance  into my work is by being open to who and what the client needs, all spirits, realms, beings are always present in my spiritual work.

Being fully open as the mentor allows me to access insights that might never come forth otherwise. They also help with clearing the soul and energetic space of my clients to help them feel clear, focused and energised. When your open and ready for your intuitive journey to expand your gifts will also be magnetised. As for the Akashic Records, this is an area I love to both teach and work in. Many people are curious about what their Akashic Records hold for them, what can they reactivate, what can they clear, what is holding them back today from the past so in my Akashic sessions I tap into the records and share with you your soul’s history, clearing anything that is hindering you today, reactivate gifts from lifetimes as well as any other beneficial wisdom that the Akashic Records holds for you. If you are interested in learning yourself how to access the Akashic Records for your own benefit I also offer you with immersive live programs to guide you through.

An Experience With Me

To make best use of your time with me, I suggest that you share with me your intentions. I will ask you what it is that you are looking to better understand or clarify in regards to yourself, your soul’s purpose or your spiritual gifts, then we will have a discussion where I am incorporating my various modalities to provide you with wisdom and guidance. I am not a sugar-coater, so you can expect that I will tell you the blunt and upfront truths in our session.

Akashic records sessions are always recorded so you can reference back to them as frequently as you would like to.

I love being able to help people find healing, peace, and be empowered in their own spiritual abilities. I am an upfront, down to earth spiritualist who isn’t afraid to laugh with you, cuss with you and connect in a deep raw fashion with you. No matter what reason you feel drawn to book with me, know that our paths have crossed for a reason and I am here to help you on your life’s path.

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