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psychic medium, card reader, channeler, oil enthusiast, reiki master

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Mediumship ( Speaking to Spirits )

Hello, my name is Jenny and I am a medium who consults with spirits to provide wisdom and insight to my clients. My gifts are very specific to mediumship as I function as a spirit channel for people who would like to converse with those who have passed over. I do this with the support of my own spirit guide who speaks to me and gives me information. At times I will incorporate tarot and pendulum cards into my readings to help propel the conversation.

About an experience with me

I am more or less a traditional medium, meaning the messages I get are the messages I get and whatever they happen to be, I will openly share. Because of this, people tend to book with me when they have unanswered questions or inquiries about their own life that they’d like to ask to put forward to the spirits. It is important for people to remember though that with this type of mediumship, you may not always hear what you want to hear. I have come accustomed to helping my clients understand, interpret, and integrate the messages from spirit that we receive in the session so that they can walk away satisfied, ideally with some clarity and closure.

My experience

I have been working on honing my mediumship abilities for several years now. I am also incredibly interested in learning more about all sorts of metaphysical concepts so I have invested in reiki certifications, violet flame certifications, Akashic Records 1-3 levels, and learning how to read tarot. All of these educations have helped me to become a better medium and spiritualist. It is now that I feel I am finally ready to share my diverse knowledge and experience as well as my gift of spirit conversing to build a professional practice.

What to expect

If you book with me, know that you are in good hands. Even if we are having a heavy conversation, consulting with the spirits of the dead, know that you’ll be embraced, supported and deeply cared for. I am very sincere and empathic and I will give you the guidance and compassion to handle the experience and come out of it feeling encouraged. I love to incorporate humour and fun into my sessions so that my client feels comfortable and relaxed.

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