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Hi! My name is Kaí, and I specialize in healing & holistic wellness, business alchemy, love & relationships, mediumship and rituals, especially for Spiritual Seekers, Holistic Practitioners and driven Entrepreneurs. My mission: to assist you in gaining awareness aligned with your soul purpose. I bring forward gifts of soul-sight, innate knowing, instinct, communication with my guides (and your guides!), along with clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairaudience and clairsentience. 

What You Can Expect in a Session with Kaí

I will use tarot along with other modalities to the session.  I love to create a container of safety and an innate level of comfort first.  We are both human beings, so let’s invite in ease, laughter and lightness on many levels.  I then ask if they have anything in mind or would like a general reading. I provide gentle reminders that the reading is absolutely confidential, that you have free will and in no way does this reading “seal your fate” and also that it is an open dialogue, so all questions are welcome. The reading tends to feel like sitting on a couch and chatting it up with a friend that knows you deeply:  a casual conversation intended to be deeply insightful, transformative and fun. 

About Me:

I love to serve, and live to serve. I am an Ordained Minister, trained in mediumship, Reiki, as well as many modalities of holistic wellness (I’m a Certified Personal Trainer and my 200 hour Yoga Teacher certification is in progress).  I look forward to offering my gifts.

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