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"Stop taking on other people's energy, then wondering why you feel depleted!"

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Hi, my name is Kate and I am a shamanic oracle, which I know sounds really fancy and intimidating  but what I do is combine traditional shamanism with my intuitive skills to provide all my clients an opportunity to deeply heal, transform suffering from the root, and support that change being long-lasting. No quick fixes here, but rapid deep everlasting transformation? Yes.

Shamanism, if you do not know, is the application of ancient healing practices, pre-colonization and pro-connection to nature. I came into Shamanism through my own spiritual journey having seizures during my preteen years, and have completed a variety of modality training and certifications that have allowed me to feel confident claiming that title. The folk who come to me for assistance tend to be business owners and high performers who feel overwhelmed, disconnected and spiritually curious. Through my work I help them develop their own mental, physical rest and spiritual development practices and rituals to help them manage their emotions, increase their creativity, enhance productivity and relieve stress. 

What is it like to work with me

As an intuitive and shamanic practitioner, it is my job to act as a guide for you as you navigate your own spiritual awakening. My role is truly to provide you with the opportunity to bring yourself back to full energy, spiritual fulfilment and feeling like your true, loving self.. We will also work together to create daily practices and rituals for you, based on what works best in your life. The tangible purpose of this is to create a state of mental clarity, focus, creative flow, and confidence.

I love to work with spirits ( your spirit guides and my own ) to give you insight and knowledge from the other side that you can apply to your life in order to achieve your goals. I consult with spirit to see what messages your ancestors and guides wish to share with you based on whatever specific goals you are working towards in your life. Consultation with your spirit team can be an incredibly powerful tool for anyone who has ambitious or challenging ventures ahead of them. I can provide you with insight about the future, what you should be looking out for as well as insight about the present, so you have a better sense of the energy that is surrounding you. If you wish to unlock your own gifts and connect with your personal spirit team whenever you like, I can also provide you with support through that activation. I am passionate about empowering my clients to take ownership of their own spiritual abilities so that they can access wisdom from their guides whenever they need to.

What is a session with me like?

An experience with me is going to be custom fit based on what you have come to me for specifically, and what is present the moment we speak. Most clients who have worked with me once simply show up and say ‘do what you do!’ However, the environment I strive to create is a welcoming, compassionate and calm container where you can focus and be at ease as we go through your session. I can talk about a variety of subjects and I’m very accepting. Previous clients of mine have described their experiences as enlightening, relieving and inspirational. They often leave feeling as if a weight has been lifted or the fog has been cleared, going forward with a sensation of lightness and excitement.

How I am unique

You should know that I am a very direct messenger, meaning that I won’t mince words or beat around the bush, I will be very straightforward and blunt in my delivery to you, whilst being kind as well. I use my oracle cards as a tool in our conversations to add additional clarity, but most of my insight comes from the spirit helpers that come through. Sessions with me can be at times heavy-hitting and deep, but these result in lasting transformation that is incredibly beneficial to you. I will always make sure you know what to do next to feel your best. If you are looking for someone to push you forwards towards your highest self then I am the right choice for you.

The area where I spend most time is helping empaths and highly sensitive people develop their sensitivities as tools ( these are not weaknesses ). It is my belief that we need more empowered, sensitive leaders to make a better future. If you identify as being an empath and are currently feeling overwhelmed by your experiences or looking to increase your energy, my work can change your life.

My certifications include:

Certified Aromatherapist, Reflexology Training, Aromatherapy Facials + Massage, Advanced Thai Yoga Massage Techniques, Restorative + Yin + Ahimsa Yoga, Celtic Shamanism,   Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy.

I have opened up my inbox to take 1 question from anyone who would like to ask. I look forward to connecting with you! Ask me about anything, I love a good question.

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