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Your life shouldn’t be just about making money. It should be about living a life that feels good in your soul, connecting to your tribe, feeling well to the core, and having the time and money freedom that allows you to do what you want, when you want.

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Oracle Card Reading, Intuitive Business Strategy and Remote Energy Healing

Hello, my name is Monica, and I am a spiritualist who supports women in a variety of different ways using my intuitive talents and professional modalities. Oracle card readings, remote reiki healing, and intuitive business strategy for other spiritual entrepreneurs are my offerings. I am passionate about helping inspire and build up the confidence of my clients. When you work with me, I will provide you with a warm, welcoming environment, so that you can open up and share whatever it is that you need help with. I will support you with a customised combination of my unique gifts based on what you are needing at the moment.

About my abilities.

When I was young, I would have intense premonitions and visions of the future. Because I was raised in a more conservative community, I felt that if I shared these with anyone I would be considered crazy or be judged. However, when I did eventually come out of the broom closet and share what I was experiencing with my family, my mother told me that the gift of foresight runs in my family and, from then on, I was openly supported and encouraged in my gifts. For this reason, I have many years of experience and received ongoing mentorship on how to interrupt and utilize my abilities to help others. As an adult, I have learned to incorporate the tool of tarot and oracle cards into my practice, so that I can use these tools to provide my premonition gifts with others. In addition to my natural talent for future-seeing, I have also invested in a variety of modality training. I am certified in EFT / Tapping, Time Technique, Hypnosis, NLP as well as life coaching. I am also a Reiki master. Over the years, I realized that it is my soul’s calling to provide support and guidance to those who are feeling directionless and lost. Because I am able to see the future and have vivid premonitions, many people come to me, looking for information about what their future holds. Of course, with this, it is important to remember that we all have free-will, so whatever inutuitive and futuristic information I share with you, it may or may not happen. If you choose different decisions or actions based on this information, it could take you down a completely different path. 

An Experience With Me

Regular oracle cards readings are booked and done via email. I draw 3 cards for you and then do a write up interpretation of the cards adding also what I feel intuitively I need to share with you. My reiki sessions are also fully remote and via email, which I know is unique. I provide my services in this way because I wanted to create a business that was easy for introverts to engage with and was respectful of my client’s time. If you’re a fellow spiritualist and are looking to create content that converts and ways to organically generate leads, I’ve created self-paced courses and accountability groups with you in mind. If you are busy and cannot make a face-to-face Zoom meeting, I may be a great fit for you as my readings, Reiki, & courses do not require a booked meeting to take place.

What else do you need to know about me

I very much enjoy meeting new people and being part of their growth and personal journey. It is important to me that my clients feel uplifted and positive about the future when their services are complete. Because I have designed my business to service those who are busy or introverted ( most of my offerings don’t require a meeting ), I am able to give fantastic insight and healing to people who reach out to me, while also respecting that they may feel shy about coming onto a call or unable to book the time.

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