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Hi, my name is Rino and I am a certified trauma informed coach who works with women who are going through a spiritual awakening and who desire support, guidance and affirmation. My unique gifts are my empathic intuition and connection to spirit. The way that I describe my work is that I help you bring the metaphysical into the physical. What this looks like is that I assist in helping you integrate your spiritual lessons and personal growth into your daily life so that you can create a completely aligned reality. If you are tired of feeling one way on the inside and living opposite to that on the outside then I may be the coach for you. I will work with you to help you bring the highest vision of yourself into reality.

About my work

Up until recently my work has been difficult to describe. I started out focusing my energy on helping parents , specifically mothers who were feeling challenged by their children and managing their households ( their children often had unique needs ) create a more harmonious home life. However, through this work I realised that my true calling and passion is to work with women who are feeling for whatever reason voiceless in their own life. You know that feeling of wanting to say something but you cannot express yourself openly, wanting to do something, but feeling as if you cannot. Women who live with all of these imagined rules and restrictions on themselves due to patriarchal, cultural, or childhood programming do not feel as if they have the ability to truly “show themselves” in their own lives and it is agonising for them to live like this long term. When I come into the picture what I do is first work with the client to figure out what it is that is causing her to feel disempowered, and what vision she has for herself and her life that she is currently unable to embody. Then, over the long term I work with her to begin to make changes in her life so that she can slowly but surely break free of these limitations and begin to exist in a more authentic state. The process that we work through together is my own signature procedure that I custom fit for each client based on who they are and what their immediate needs may be. Because I understand the importance of being trauma informed and understanding that there are underlying, often deeply ingrained beliefs, memories, and experiences causing a person to function in a certain default manner, we make sure I am providing the right pace of support so that they are able to gradually transform, and that the transformation they experience through their work with me is long lasting.

Why do I do this work

The sincere reason why helping women live authentically, is because I myself as a Japanese born woman ( now living in Canada ) has had to break free of my own cultural, patriarchal, and childhood programming. While raising my children I was challenged by many of the Japanese beliefs and ideas surrounding what it means to be a good mother, a good parent. My first marriage also caused me to lose a lot of my confidence and self-esteem. I remember what it feels like to be voiceless and disempowered and I would not wish that on anyone else, although - unfortunately I know that many women simply exist this way. 

The spiritual aspect of my work really comes down to the fact that it often takes that “spiritual awakening” to wake you up to the limitations and programming that you have been adhering to your entire life. Most people are complacent to these until they go through some sort of spiritual experience and then they begin to see life, and human reality differently. The next natural step that we go through is the process of transformation. This can be exciting as through this process we are essentially “creating” ourselves, who we are inside, who we want to be and how we want to express ourselves in this life.

Before you reach out

Unlike many of the women on this platform I do not identify as being a psychic in the sense that I can tell the future. However, I do consider myself deeply empathic and intuitive. The reason why I am here on PsyChicks is to help move those who are rattled by the experience of their spiritual awakening be supported, encouraged and assisted as they begin to embody their “new self.” I am excited to offer advice and consultation specifically towards questions that relate to your purpose, your current life problems, your upbringing ( conditioning ), your self exploration ( finding yourself ) and your family-life ( parenting ). Please feel free to connect with me if you are looking for support in any of these areas as I would be excited to provide my wisdom, intuitive zings, and professional opinion as a coach who specialises in these matters. 

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