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What if you could confidently connect with the World of Spirit, and use the guidance from your Spirit Team in your life and business?
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Purpose Seeking & Spiritual Business Mentor 

Hello, my name is Sheila ( Sheila V ) and I am a psychic medium, spiritualist, speaker, author and spiritual business mentor. I work with those who feel stuck or are lacking clarity to activate their intuitive gifts so they can bravely pursue their soul’s purpose. I love supporting women to clear relationship blocks to bring in their soulmate love. I am passionate about helping high-achieving women create more prosperity and abundance in their professional and personal lives by encouraging them to embrace their spiritual gifts. In 2021 I released an international book titled “Brave: Courageously Live Your Truth” where I share my story of leaving a high-level corporate job to pursue my career providing spiritual services. 

My spiritual abilities are psychic mediumship and soul site. I work with my own spirit team, as well as yours in order to provide you with guidance and clarity. I have found myself working with other psychics, healers, lightworkers, spiritualists, and coaches, helping them build confidence in their abilities and encouraging them in their careers. Spiritual business mentorship ( coaching ) with other spiritual business owners, is one of my primary focuses - where I combine my knowledge of business operation, strategy, communication and systems with intuitive guidance. I firmly believe that we all have a purpose to achieve in this life and being of service to others with our spiritual abilities and talents fully embraced is one of the most initiating, yet rewarding things that a person can do. 

Something unique that I am able to do is channel information from higher-dimensional beings. I also work with my ancestral lineage, as I come from a long line of mediums to provide future knowledge and encourage wisdom from the other side.

I have a Studied mediumship at Arthur Findlay College in London, and studied mindfulness at Esalen with Dr. Shauna Shapiro. Studied with James Van Praagh at the Omega Institute, and appeared on Australia's Psychic TV as a professional psychic medium.

My work

Currently I am available for one-to-one  Intuitive Sessions ( psychic readings ) where we will connect with your spirit guides to gain clarity and affirmation. I am also consistently offering spots in my signature 10 week Awakening Intuition Program. 

What is an experience with me like?

Experiences with me have been described by clients as ground-breaking and intense. I welcome you to ask your burning questions about your life and purpose, and I will hold space for you as we examine your current challenges from a spiritual perspective. In one hour we can break through some of the limiting barriers that have been preventing you from achieving your goals. If you choose to join my Awakening Intuition 10 Week program, I can support you through profound spiritual realisations and the development of your intuitive confidence. 


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