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The Journey of Embodying your Purpose, Freedom & Fulfillment Begins on the Path of Self Love, Mastery and a Deep Awareness of Your Personal Power, Passion & Magic.

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Purpose & Soul Alignment

Hello, my name is Tammy and I am an intuitive success and business mentor who works with passion-focused female entrepreneurs helping them create a life and work reality that feels wonderful to experience.

The work I do is very much about freedom + fulfillment, helping those who run their own businesses escape burnout while still increasing their income, productivity and passion for their work.

How I do this is through a combination of practical business management strategies (Yes, I have built my own 6 figure, purposeful and “passion” dream business) and spiritual practices and modalities. Those who work with me typically go from being frazzled, overwhelmed, and running on a hamster wheel to move forward with focus, clarity, process and freedom!

How I Help

The way that I operate is by taking an inward to outward approach. The first thing that we will do together is get clear on what it is that you want to get from your business, and what higher self vision you hold. Once we have this vision clarified we will work together to realise it, by making changes aligned to you, and eliminating sabotaging habits and behaviours so that you can break-free of the limiting beliefs and patterns that are preventing you from living the life that you want.

Because I incorporate modalities such as Reiki, EFT, mindfulness, meditation, nervous system work (Polyvagal informed), Integrative Somatic Parts Work (trauma informed), Strategic Intervention (an evolution of NLP) into my coaching sessions I am able to help my clients progress towards their goals much more effectively than with conventional business coaching. Those who work with me are also typically on a journey of spiritual awakening and growth, so they are open to these practices and wish to not only have them applied to their session but want to learn how to continue to use these tools to cope with the stress and pressure that comes with operating their own business.

What to expect

If you book a single session with me, we will focus on one area of your life where you feel out of alignment and using my above described modalities, I will support you in coming up with a clear strategy to move forward.

If you decide to sign up with me for long term support and mentorship, we will focus on creating a custom to you roadmap so that within the time we are working together, I can help you achieve very specific milestones ( goals ) using my processes. 

The main area of focus will always be, creating the life vision that you desire , as it becomes clear to you while creating more profitability in your business without adding more work to your plate. Burnout elimination and life in alignment is a passion area of focus for me. It is my heart’s desire to help my clients see that they can literally “have it all”, if they overcome sabotaging behaviors and succumbing to limiting experiences.

My certifications and trainings include:
Masters Degree of Applied Meditation Studies

Certified Robbins-Madanes Strategic Intervention Life Coach

Certified Integrative Somatic Parts Facilitator

EFT Practitioner

Trauma Informed

Polyvagal Informed

200-Hour Inner Fire Yoga Training

Certified Integrative Energy Therapist (IET), Level 3

Certified Reiki Practitioner, Level 3

Certified Moonologist

Kirtan (Mantra & Chant) Facilitator Training

Expertise in Mindfulness & Meditation Training

Hand Mudra and Mantra Teacher & Practitioner 

I may use these in our session as needed to get you results.
Additionally, I am the co-founder of a mindfulness company, serving several hundred preschools with mindfulness education and support and founded and operated an award winning business in the arts for 14+ years.

Please reach out to me with any questions you may have about life and work balance, discovering your purpose, creating your dream life or ask about areas where you may be stuck or out of alignment as I am happy to give insight on any of these.

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