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The Bitch Whisperer 

I’m passionate about our money stories, histories, and how it contributes to our money future.

I am providing a 3 card oracle reading and video via email that answers and shed light on your most immediate money stressor.

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Offering: money mindset, prosperity, wealth attraction, oracle card readings

Hi my name is Tanya and I am a money manifestation expert and gifted intuitive who can help you increase your personal wealth and financial prosperity.

I specialise in helping my clients correct their sabotaging money patterns, call in more abundance, and improve their perspective and gratitude. I do this using my manifesting expertise, connection to spirit ( my guides and yours ) as well as with the assistance of my favourite oracle cards.

If you are currently feeling financially stuck and unable to get a handle on your money, I can provide you with both practical and spiritual advice to help you abolish these challenges.

I am passionate about helping others achieve financial freedom and happiness. I am here to help you shift those negative and nagging money patterns so you can experience more of what you love in your life.

Are you ready to call in more money like magic? Let me provide you with a bit of intuitive wisdom via my oracle cards to identify why you are not attracting the wealth that you want. Once we have a handle on the route cause we can work together to help you overcome what is blocking you, heal what needs healing, improve your beliefs, and start to make lasting change that will lend to a better financial future.

If this sounds like what you need, reach out, don’t be shy. An experience with me is like spending time with a comforting but sincere friend who only wants what is best for you. I live and breathe wealth creation and prosperity. Having me is like having a money magnet in your pocket - I know how to take people from broke and hopeless to wealthy and healthy using my proven deep-belief altering processes.

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