Are you looking for intuitive guidance? Have a question you'd like feedback on? Want some clarity on your own intuitive zing. The PsyChicks Collective is here to be of service. You can use the "send a message" button on any one of our member's listings to submit a question directly to them. Then be patient and your PsyChick will respond via text or email within a few days. This is a great way to find a new spiritual practitioner to work with , connect with a genuine and caring indvidual for advice and interact with other members of our global community.

ASKING A QUESTION IS ALWAYS FREE. PsyChick Collective members do offer services and products and may offer these to you in their response.

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Kate Graham

"I love to read into the feelings of situations, spiritual purpose/mission questions, and business guidance! I am a big fan of the following topics: Intuition Development, Shamanism, Pendulums, Subconscious Beliefs"

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LaTasha LedBetter

"I love to pull cards and give intuitive guidance for people who are in need on what to do next in life. This can be about career, love, finances, spirituality, or healing. I love connecting with the ancestors of others as they know them best."

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