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Blending my passion for the psychic, metaphysical, supernatural, witchy, and woo - love for empowering and inspiring women to pursue their dreams, and background in digital marketing to offer intuitive business strategy consulting.

📍Location: Calgary Alberta Canada

Price Range: $25 - $200

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Spiritual Business Strategy Consulting 

Hello, my name is Brandie Michelle and I am the founder and community host of PsyChicks. I am a psychic intuitive empath, who provides guidance and clarity for members of the Psychicks community. Whether you are someone who is feeling called to start a spiritual business venture of your own or you already have one and are struggling to call in clients and customers, I can assist. 

My number one passion ( and reason for starting Psychicks ) is empowering women to utilise their unique skills and passions to support themselves abundantly. I am all about self-love and encouragement, helping my clients see that everything that they need is already within them.

I love to work with those who are looking to fulfil their soul’s purpose, build their own spiritual communities, inspire others and lead with confidence. I believe that social media can be a fantastic tool to form genuine and meaningful connections. My unique approach to social media marketing helps people who feel discouraged, overwhelmed, and disempowered stop envy-scrolling, and start using social marketing to effectively find people to serve. 

My clients are typically spiritual business operators who are interested in attracting an audience and promoting their business through a community model. I also do one-off strategy deep dive sessions for those who are looking to exit their job and start an online business ( within the spiritual niche’ ) or get an existing, but struggling spiritual business actually working!

What is a session with Brandie Michelle like?

In 1:1 sessions I provide intuitive guidance and strategy sessions to support those who are struggling with low confidence and are not fully pursuing the entrepreneurial path ( and want to ) but their disrupted self confidence is holding them back. Are you stuck in a job that isn't fulfilling? Wanting to pursue their hobby “side hustle” business full time but don’t have the courage? Wishing that they could more easily attract customers? I build them up by reframing what is possible and showing them both the strategic technical side of it ( what to do ) and the mindset side of it ( how to think ) in order to achieve their desired goal. 

By bringing in my intuitive and empathic gifts into the session I also provide intuitive support. When you start talking to me, I am immediately getting a download of your history, energetic vibration and emotional state. Incorporating this I am able to customise my approach to consulting and help you overcome your blocks. As a deliverable I provide you with an easy to follow strategy document from our session that outlines the appropriate path forward for you.

Currently via PsyChicks I am offering 2 types of sessions. 

1 hour “power hours” for problem solving, reframing and clarity. My deep dives are 3 hours long ( so block off a full morning or afternoon ) where we go deep and figure out the step-by-step actions that you need to take based on the goals that you are looking to accomplish.

Why choose me as your spiritual business strategist?

For the last 11 years I have been self-employed as a marketing strategist helping spiritual business owners ( psychics, mediums, transformational coaches, and healers ) build their audience and find customers using social media advertising via my agency.

Throughout my time working as an advertising strategist, I have turned the gears and cranks behind the scenes of 7 figure companies ( digital and physical product retailers ), strategized on 6 figure course launches, managed over 1 million dollars in advertising spend throughout my career, and been part of digital product development ( programs, courses and memberships ), successful book launches all within the spiritual niche.

I have taken my clients from audiences of 0 - to tens of thousands. Helped multiple people go from working on their spiritual business “on the side” to full-time. I am also well-networked and supported with an engaged and active spiritual community of my own, PsyChicks.

In addition to these things I am also well-versed in a variety of popular tools, including Kajabi ( for course and memberships ) , paid advertising ( Meta Ads, Google Ads, Pinterest Ads ) AND have my certification in design and an applied degree in film production. On one occasion I briefly worked at Shopify as a guru. I have been selling both digital products: courses using Kajabi, and physical products via Shopify for the past 5 years. I am very much a “do it myself, then teach it” type of strategist, and I pride myself in never suggesting a strategy or approach that I have not personally executed myself.

I also believe in the importance of alignment and energy so you can trust that what I suggest to you will be appropriate for you. No one size fits all approach here!

If this isn’t justification enough, I’d also love to make a case for my special talent to make the often off-putting, nerdy, boring technical stuff that puts many people off,  feel magical and almost easy. I talk often about getting into the frequency of fun and flow, so that your business feels relaxed and blissful.

⭐ What They Say About PsyChick Brandie Michelle â­ 


Brandie's skills and talents were generously shared and I cannot be thankful enough for how she co-created with me the next best steps to take. My reading was pertaining to my business where I have been stuck for months. And to be honest, I wasn't even aware I was and thought that's just how it is. I always feel Brandie truly has the best interest in her heart for the people she works with and is there for.



Thank you for your beautiful message with guidance of the struggle I face currently . Your insights were on point .  


I love how detailed you are, and the intuitive insight is so accurate!! It's exactly what I need to hear.  


Brandie's Intuitive Business Strategy Reading was so helpful for my next steps in my business. As an intuitive myself, I don't tend to seek outside guidance but once in a while, I know I can't see everything clearly. I felt called to Brandie's energy as it is genuine & heart centered. She touched on things that I need to focus on & brought clarity to what I've been feeling. Brandie offered some amazing insight into what is missing & how I can fix it! I'm happy I decided to look into this further. I look forward to learning more from her. If you've been debating it, book your reading!  


The one queen reading from Brandie was absolutely amazing and totally resonated with how I’ve been feeling lately and she even picked up on something I was thinking of doing. Thank you🙏  


My power hour session with Brandie was nothing short of enlightening! She delivered way more than I expected. I've joined many group coaching containers and worked with a few business coaches 1:1, and she is the real deal. She got right down to business. I walked away with real tangible action steps that light me up-a STRATEGY to move the dial forward in the area of my business that I was focused on in this session. She knows her stuff, and she helped me realize how I'd been playing small. Not anymore!! She reflected back to me the power of my gifts, experience and expertise and could immediately see how I can get my work out into the world with impact and intention. Thank you, Brandie!! You are a gem in an industry where we need gems like you!

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