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You set up your spiritual business to help and heal people, not become a full-time marketer struggling to build an audience of your own. One of the biggest challenges that spiritual practitioners face is the challenge of finding customers who are genuinely interested in the work that they do. We created the PsyChicks Business Collective to solve this exact problem. By building one amazing spiritual community and collaborating together to provide them with readings, healings, coaching, merchandise, and more. As a member of the PsyChicks Business Collective, you will be given all of the tools that you need to successfully find clients and customers for your business. You will be encouraged and mentored by other members of the collective. You will also get access to a directory listing and an invaluable lead-generating system that puts people who are interested in hiring you directly in your inbox. Keep reading to discover all that the PsyChicks business collective offers and to determine if our business collective is a good fit for you.

All About The PsyChicks Business Collective

The PsyChicks Business Collective is a subscription that you pay each month ( it is $39.99 ) that gets you the opportunity to be listed on our PsyChicks website directory. It also gets you the ability to promote yourself and what you sell as much as you would like inside the PsyChicks Facebook Group with 16K members. In addition to these two features, you are also provided with access to our lead servicing system that sends people who are interested in what you sell to you. These are people who have visited our website via our various marketing avenues, ads, search engine optimization, and other community promotional efforts and who are highly likely to buy if they are reaching out to you. To make things easier for you to convert leads from the PsyChicks community into paying customers we also provide you with helpful strategies and even a response script that increases offer uptake by over 75%. Being part of PsyChicks is a proven way for spiritual practitioners to find customers without needing to build a large social media following of their own, or spend a lot of money on their own advertising.

Additional Benefits:

Community Support 

Some additional benefit of being in the PsyChicks business collective is that you are part of a community of like-minded individuals who are also working to build their own spiritual businesses. The members of the PsyChicks collective are authentic, and genuine and are also very generous with their knowledge and experience. Many of our PsyChicks Collective members refer each other in addition to encouragement. There is something about being part of a community where everyone has similar goals and can motivate one another to keep going whenever you are feeling discouraged. 

Represent Yourself As A PsyChick At In-Person Events 

Another feature of being in the PsyChicks Business Collective is that you are able to represent yourself as a member at an in-person events such as metaphysical fairs and festivals. You can also list yourself as a PsyChicks collective member publically and borrow our community social proof and brand recognition when advertising. Once you have signed up to be a PsyChick you have access to our brand assets that you can share and post. You can also direct people to your profile listing where you can feature your business offerings, website, and social media, and they can reach out to you using our lead servicing form. 

As an option for those who are really serious about stirring up a new business and growing quickly, we provide a template for hosting your own local Metaphysical Mixer or Meet Up. This will immediately get you front of people in your local area who are going to be interested in what you can offer.

The Incubator Program

As an additional option for those who are starting from scratch and have never run a spiritual business online before we offer our Incubator program. The PsyChicks Incubator program is pre-recorded, do at your own-pace 8 module training that walks you step by step through the process of setting up, launching, and successfully getting your first customer via PsyChicks. This is the best place to start if you are hoping to be a successful member of our collective but you do not feel confident in your technical skillsets or how to use the social media platform correctly. Each module comes with homework and actions that you can take that are designed to push you outside of your comfort zone and put the momentum into your business that you need. 

Note: There is an extra cost to access The PsyChicks Incubator. It can be added on for a 1-time payment of $199 dollars when you sign up to join the collective.

PsyChicks Provides You With A Template for Success!

Obviously, nobody but you can make your spiritual business work, however, what PsyChick's Business Collective provides is amazing support and a template for success that will get you further faster. If you are certain that this is the business model that you want to pursue and are not wanting to spend a lot on advertising or are struggling with building your own audience on social media right now then the PsyChicks is the best solution we can offer. We have already helped so many of our collective members increase their visibility and attract paying customers. The PsyChicks Business Collective is proven to work when you follow the process and it is well worth the small $ 39.99-a-month investment that you will pay to have access to everything being offered.

3 Steps To Being A Successful PsyChick Collective Member

✔️ Step #1:Say Yes and Sign Up

Pay for your first month, which is just $39.99 and then fill out the onboarding form to get started. After you have filled it out you will be able to immediately start posting in the group as a collective member while we get your profile up and running.

✔️ Step #2: Approve Your Bio and Respond to A Test Inquiry

Within 2-5 business days your profile will be live and you will be able to view and approve it. Then you will need to respond to a test inquiry on your lead form to make sure everything is working. Once it is, you are all set to start sharing your profile link around.

✔️ Step #3: Go Live, Share Value, and Promote Your Offers Our Platform Is All Yours

After you have successfully set up your directory listing you are good to go. The best way to find your first customers is to offer 1 free question via your profile. Additional strategies include sharing a resource you have created, going live and doing readings, or hosting a workshop, webinar or masterclass. 

What They Say About Being In PsyChicks

I am In. Sign Me Up!

Meet Your PsyChicks Mentors

We have a few veteran members who hold the title of PsyChicks Mentors. You can get extra help from them if you are struggling with your business and need support or advice.

Mariposa Young

Mariposa Young is a valued member of the PsyChicks Business Collective and the PsyChicks Community. She provides a lot of volunteer support, community care, and wisdom to our group. As a PsyChick Collective business mentor, she can also give you advice and encouragement about how to get started as a new member of our community.

Kate Graham 

An experienced marketing professional, a shaman, mentor, and coach Kate is an invaluable resource for any of our members who need help with the practical and mindset challenges of their business. She graciously volunteers her time to support members of our collective who require motivation, inspiration, and tech help.

Meet Our Founder

Brandie Michelle Peters

Brandie is the creator, host, and original PsyChick. Since 2020 she has been building the PsyChicks Community as well as building the collective. Inspired by the challenges her marketing agency clients who ran spiritual businesses were having she set out to build a helpful platform for psychics, mediums, intuitive, healers, and transformational coaches.  Currently, Brandie works full-time as the marketing director at Keith's Cacao and runs PsyChicks as her passion project. You can see how much she loves and cares for this community simply by being part of it. Brandie also reads tarot cards and provides intuitive business strategy advisement for select clients.


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✔️ Listing on the PsyChicks website directory & lead servicing form

✔️ Ability to promote yourself in our 16K member group. Go live, share your offers, and teach a webinar, workshop, or masterclass.

✔️ Response script, success template & cheatsheets, access to the private collective-only Facebook Group

✔️ Ability to promote yourself in-person and online as a member of the collective

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