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Who is In The PsyChicks Collective?

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PsyChick Kat
Heart's Frontier

Certified Aromatherapist, Reflexology Training, Aromatherapy Facials + Massage, Advanced Thai Yoga Massage Techniques, Restorative + Yin + Ahimsa Yoga, Shamanism, Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy, Oracle Readings

PsyChick Julie

Unveiling Your Truth

Reiki, Session/Certification Classes, Sound Healing, Spiritual Life Coaching, Card Readings

PsyChick Tessa
Tessa's Healing

Psychic Mediumship, Oracle/Tarot Readings, EnSofic Reiki in person and distance, Aura Healings, Life Activations, Fire Soul Infusion.

PsyChick Cybil
Psychic Medium Cybil

Spirit Connection: Embracing Memories And Messages, (Lithomancy) Intuitive Crystal Insights: Guided Channeling Sessions, Psychic Intuitive Oracle / Tarot Guidance

PsyChick Breanna

Tarot, Card Reading, Oracle Cards, Energy Healing, Crystals, 1:1 sessions virtual or in person

PsyGuy Logan
The Wizard Factory

Group program and courses, Spiritual Consultations, Runes, Mentorship, Intuitive Guidance

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