Hi, my name is Brandie Michelle Peters. I am the founder of PsyChicks and an experienced helping, healing, personal development and spiritual niche' business strategist. I used to run my own agency and I am currently the marketing director at Keith's Cacao.

Recently a member of my Metaphysical Business Membership PsyChicks Collective asked if I could help them strategize on how to promote the modality of "Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy" as a new business and I said YES, but only if i could share it as a case study and share with others who are also struggling to promote their niche' modalities. 

Flash forward and here it is the breakdown of EXACTLY what I would do if I was a member of the PsyChicks Collective and was offering a unique modality. 

This video is 25 minutes long, free to access. 

Would you like to see it?


The Small Group Method is A Low-Tech High Energy Return Way To Build Your Spiritual Business Audience EVEN if you are just getting started!

The Key To Building A Successful Metaphysical Business is To Build Trust With People Who Are Interested in What You Do!  

It is becoming more and more difficult to achieve this with social media because many people are distracted, overloaded, and not getting the genuine connection that they desire on places like Facebook and Instagram.

YOU as a gifted metaphysical practitioner probably DO NOT want to waste all of your time posting endlessly and desperately creating content. If your goal is to start being of service to people as soon as possible then this is the marketing method for you.

How Does The Small Group Method Work?

The way that the Small Group method works is that you offer a recurring weekly or bi-weekly "Small Group" gathering as a community offering. You offer value to people by being a consistent, organized, and reliable host. You lead your small group and offer care and support to the audience that you are building.

With Our Strategy You Can Fill A Small Group With 10-15 People in 48 Hours!

This training walks you through the low tech ( beginner-friendly ) marketing strategy for planning, launching and hosting your first small group to 10-15 new connections within the next week. 

This training is a mini-course, the information is presented in under 2 hours and includes a planning template, step-by-step strategy and additional tips to get you up and running immediately. 

To do this strategy you DO NOT need an expensive software and there are no complex automations or technical components to set up. If you can send an email and a text message you can execute this strategy.

Learn The Basic Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

An additional benefit to this Small Group Method training is that you are also learning the 4 key fundamentals to marketing any product or service online!

✔️Build A Relevant Niche' Audience and Capture Their Contact Details 

✔️Provide Value To Warm Your Audience and Build Trust

✔️Make A Relevant Offer

Keep In Touch and Build Trust

This Training Is Only $12.00

We've created this training for metaphysical business owners who want to start building a client base NOW. It is affordably priced at 12.00 USD for you to watch and try out. If you execute within 7 days of learning this marketing technique you should be prepped and ready to host your first small group. Get yourself in front of people, build credibility as an expert and start growing that business of yours for real.


+ Access to the Small Group Method Training Videos ( 4 Units Total ) 1:30 Minutes Worth of Training Content

+ A Step By Step Strategy Execution Guide to Make It Easy to Do Each Step

+ Additional Bonuses Resources: How to Create A Q.R Code To Promote Your Small Group , How To Find Facebook Groups to Promote Your Small Group

+ Support Chat. A direct support chat to ask questions if you get stuck.



My name is Brandie Michelle Peters. I am the founder of PsyChicks Community and The PsyChicks Collective. I have over 11 years of experience marketing helping, healing, spiritual and personal development products and services. I am currently employed as the marketing director at Keith's Cacao. I created the Small Group Training Method to help those with metaphysical business offerings start working with clients faster, and give them a more effective alternative to posting content endlessly on social media.

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