You're Invited to Join PsyChicks Brandie & Sheila and other attendees at this casual and connective mixer-style meet-up.

⭐ Connect with others who share your interests.
⭐ Give and receive intuitive reading practice, with just for fun exchanges 
⭐ A soul-refreshing night of female co-creation, networking and community

+ Live Intuitive Readings and Inspiration Talk from PsyChick Collective Member, Author, Motivational Speaker Sheila V

June 17th 2023 in

Calgary Alberta

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Have you heard about PsyChicks?

We are community of spi-curious souls interested in all things psychic, supernatural, metaphysical, witchy and woo! We exist to help bring "chickees" together who may feel disconnected, lonely or lost.  We started out online during the Pandemic but are now bringing our magic into the real world. If you are seeing this page, you are invited to join us at an upcoming meet up event hosted by a PsyChick Collective member who is local to you.

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Meet Your Hosts

PsyChick Brandie Michelle

Business: Founder of PsyChicks Collective

Blending my passion for the psychic, metaphysical, supernatural, witchy and woo - love for empowering and inspiring women to pursue their dreams, and background in digital marketing to offer intuitive business strategy consulting.

Hello, my name is Brandie Michelle and I am the founder and community host of PsyChicks. I am a psychic intuitive empath, who provides guidance and clarity for members of the Psychicks community. Whether you are someone who is feeling called to start a spiritual business venture of your own or you already have one and are struggling to call in clients and customers, I can assist. 

My number one passion ( and reason for starting Psychicks ) is empowering women to utilise their unique skills and passions to support themselves abundantly. I am all about self-love and encouragement, helping my clients see that everything that they need is already within them. 

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Hello, my name is Sheila ( Sheila V ) and I am a psychic medium, spiritualist, speaker, author and spiritual business mentor. I work with those who feel stuck or are lacking clarity to activate their intuitive gifts so they can bravely pursue their soul’s purpose. I love supporting women to clear relationship blocks to bring in their soulmate love. I am passionate about helping high-achieving women create more prosperity and abundance in their professional and personal lives by encouraging them to embrace their spiritual gifts. In 2021 I released an international book titled “Brave: Courageously Live Your Truth” where I share my story of leaving a high-level corporate job to pursue my career providing spiritual services. 

My spiritual abilities are psychic mediumship and soul site. I work with my own spirit team, as well as yours in order to provide you with guidance and clarity. I have found myself working with other psychics, healers, lightworkers, spiritualists, and coaches, helping them build confidence in their abilities and encouraging them in their careers. Spiritual business mentorship ( coaching ) with other spiritual business owners, is one of my primary focuses - where I combine my knowledge of business operation, strategy, communication, and systems with intuitive guidance. I firmly believe that we all have a purpose to achieve in this life and being of service to others with our spiritual abilities and talents fully embraced is one of the most initiating, yet rewarding things that a person can do. 

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Sheila V Will Be Joining Us From Australia and Sharing Her Book "Brave: Courageously Live Your Truth"

As the cohost of this mixer, Sheila will host a 1-hour talk that will include live intuitive readings, sharing insight from her book Brave. You will have the option to purchase and get a signed copy of Sheila's book at the event.

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Reviews Of Our Collective

"Ohhhh holy moly!! Damn this is crazy. I love everything mystical and elven, when I watch elf movies I feel it in my blood. I know I’m old soul because I remember my lifetime in Atlantis. My gifts 1st showed themselves when i was 5 or so and my family rejected them saying it’s demonic. I’ve always loved everything witchy too. I work now doing spiritual work. 3 years ago I got my 1st deck without even fully knowing what it was and I just read the cards like I have been doing it. All my clairs are active as well. I am a lover of the moon, I feel it in my soul. My life has been challenging since birth but I’m an alchemist. I love being creative as I’m a manifesting generator. This reading validated me in soo many ways wow. I will be booking a reading in the future cuz damn this was good. Thank you hon 🙏"

"Sincere and insightful!!!! I definitely appreciate the time and energy put in!!!! 🔮💜🌻✨️"

"Tanya B Whisper you are right. # 1 I also feel need move boundary in life job and keep ppl from messing with my money!!! I did everything I know how to do. Thats why I seek you for guidance. Thanks gor applauding me or starting the journey before I reached you. I will keep finding ways make my boundaries stronger and lasting. Get my money up and stay up 💸!!! Thnx"

"I had a mini 2023 reading from Jackie and it was amazing! She has such a beautiful, loving energy and I really connected with what she said. I am now super excited for the year and I can't thank her enough for her kind, encouraging words."

"Hi, i am very grateful in having a free reading and that my reader was very friendly and welcoming. The only complaint that I have is that I believe the reader confused my question with another members question. I say this because, I didn't ask about a relationship question. My question was " Does Buck like his new home?" Which was about a dog."

"The reading was prompt and informative and rang true. Some good guidance for sure!"

"I loved my reading from Tanya, it resonated deeply and i’m going to take her advice."

"Well, I asked the question and Brandi hit the nail on the head. She is accurate and to the point."

I am extremely impressed. She definitely hit the nail on the head and validated what my head was saying...vs what my vulnerable heart was Love and light!"


"I am so greatful for the palm reading I got. Thank you so much!!! I am definitely reaching out to Maria to see which of her services I can purchase."

"It was my first time having a palm reading in this life and I genuinely appreciate aligning with Mariposa to experience one. She helped me learn and confirm so much about what the majority have never innerstood about me. Her safe and charismatic ability to uniquely explain the Divine messages embedded in my hands reinforced my purpose at the perfect time. I have an appreciation for the blueprint within my hands like never before. I immediately recommended others to receive the awareness of their palms with Mariposa and how it significantly impacts who we are within our purpose."

What to Expect At This Metaphysical Mixer

⭐ It is a casual gathering with the intention of bringing people together to connect 🤝

⭐ If you read tarot bring your cards or other modality so that we can do some reading exchanges

⭐ I run my meet-up mixer style so be prepared to break the ice and meet new people

⭐ This event is only $111 to attend , you can RSVP below and your payment holds your spot!

⭐ For entertainment Sheila V will be providing us with a brief talk about her book Brave: Courageously Live Your Truth and do live intuitive readings

⭐ There will be an intention setting with a Cacao Ceremony featuring 100% pure Ceremonial Grade Cacao from Keith's Cacao

The Space: The address Will Be Sent After You Sign Up 
We have rented a private space to host this event ( this is not my home ), you must be registered to attend because we can only have so many. I am not revealing the location address to avoid unexpected drop-ins. [ see venue images below ]

Few More Things:

👉 No paid readings or booking of services will be provided at this event , it is strictly to meet and mingle! If you'd like to book with any of the PsyChick Collective members you can do so by connecting with them directly here.

👉 No, you do not need to be psychic, intuitive or operate a spiritual business to attend this. This is for the "spiritually curious", who wish to meet other positive, like-minded people in a welcoming setting.

👉 If you do have a spiritual business and want to be part of🔮🐥 PsyChicks you can apply for your PsyChicks Collective Membership here.

👉 Alcoholic beverages will be served.🍷 As well as coffee, tea, water, and chips & charcuterie. 









Calgary PsyChicks Mixer With Sheila V

7:00pm - 11:00pm if you are bringing a friend please send them to this webpage and have them RSVP as well.

Spots Are Very Limited RSVP Right Now! 🔮🐥

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"Put your fears or “ what if’s “ aside and take the plunge! It was a really great night, I connected with some amazing people and can’t wait to do it again." - Sarah 

"In-person events were sorely lacking the past few years and the interactions simply cannot be replicated online as they can be in when people come together in person. Thank You!" - Rino

Seeking guidance, healing, support or advice? 

You can ask any of our PsyChick Collective members 1 question free any time and get a personalized response.

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