PsyChicks Intuitive Reading Speed Exchanging

Come and Practice Your Spiritual Gifts. Give Readings and Recieve Readings At This Casual and Interactive Online Event!

2 Dates Friday March 31th & Saturday April 22

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This Is Your Invite To Practice Your Intuitive Skills With New People! 

Are you looking for a welcoming opportunity to practice your spiritual gifts with new people where you will be embraced, encouraged, and provided with beneficial feedback?

The PsyChicks Intuitive Reading Speed Exchanges are back! We will once again be facilitating virtual reading exchanges. Sign up and mark your calendar. These exchanges are a great way to meet new people who share your interests from all over the world. You will be able to give practice readings and receive readings from new people as well. 

About Our Intuitive Reading Speed Exchanging Events

These are virtual events that we host for members of the PsyChicks community. They are hosted by members of our PsyChicks Business Collective who also provide readings in the scenario where there is an uneven number of attendees signed up.

Why Attend This Event

Speed exchanging is a unique opportunity for you to connect with other members of the PsyChicks community and practice reading for one another. This is a virtual event where you will be paired at random ( via Zoom ) with another psychic and each provide a reading for one another ( 15 minutes each ), then you will be switched up and paired 3 more times. ( 4 reading exchanges total ). This event welcomes psychics at all levels from professional to complete beginner, you can use your modality or assisting tool of choice ( tarot, crystals, pendulum, or other ) to practice with. Not only is this a great way to practice your intuitive talents, but you also will be getting together with others who share your love for all things metaphysical AND who are supportive of you enhancing your gifts!

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I am not able to make it but I would love to be part of the community!

What They Say About Our PsyChicks Reading Exchanges


This was a great tool to help those who seek to use their gifts in a professional setting or just to stay keeping their gifts sharpened  "


I'm so glad I did this!!! If you're on the fence, or feeling a little tingle like you might possibly maybe one day like to do something like this, DO IT! It's for you. Yes, you in the shadows, pretending you're not reading this ... I see you. I believe in you. You're legit. You won't regret it. It's all growing you. I met amazing humans I never would have met before, heard amazing stories, and learned so much! I had never actually read for anyone officially or in the format I did, but right before I started the zoom link, my intuition kicked into high gear and I utilized a new tool! Trust yourself here, folx! Everyone was kind, helpful, nervous (just like you) and it turned out spectacular. Thank you for being here!!!


I am loving the space because first there's no judgement. There's a lot of love and support here in the collective on zoom. The readings are amazingly accurate to me. Thank you for this because it bridges the psychics to come together and newcomers who want to learn and grow into their field. I am ready for the next one and I can't wait!!!
I am In. Sign Me Up!

Grab Your Spot!

Below are upcoming reading exchange dates and sign-up links.

It is just $15 per person.

March 31th, 2023 - on Zoom

Starts at 8:00pm ( MST )

see below for time conversions.

Join us at 8:00pm via zoom on March 31th. Each person will be matched 4 times over 2 hours. Hosted by PsyChicks founder Brandie Michelle Peters

Save Your Spot $15 USD

April 22th, 2023 - On Zoom

Starts at 6:00pm ( MST ) 

see below for time conversions

Join us at 6:00pm MST via Zoom. Each person will be matched 4 times over 2 hours. Hosted by PsyChicks Founder Brandie Michelle 

Save Your Spot 15$ USD

Your Host

Brandie Michelle Peters is the founder and admin of the PsyChicks Community and PsyChicks business collective. She is also an online marketing consultant and strategist. You can connect with Brandie here.


PsyChicks Is A community for those who are interested in all things metaphysical, supernatural, witchy and woo!

We have created a casual community platform made up of spi-curious individuals from all over the world who have varying levels of experience, knowledge and interest in the magical and unseen aspects of the universe. The core purpose of this community is to provide a warm, encouraging environment for conversation and knowledge sharing. If you are a person who likes to geek out, discuss and share your interest in the metaphysical then you have come to the right place. Click the link below to dive in and begin to explore all that our community has to offer.

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