Psychic Reading Speed Exchanging!

Give 4 readings & get 4 readings, in a fun, casual, supportive exchange!

$10.00 pop in price!

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Go from feeling unable to improve your abilities because you have nobody to practice with to being embraced, encouraged, and inspired by other psychics just like you!

What is psychic reading speed dating all about? Do you identify as totally psychic but don’t have anyone to practise your gifts on? The Psychic Reading Speed Connecting event is a unique opportunity for you to connect with other members of the PsyChicks community and practice reading for one another. This is a virtual event where you will be paired at random ( via Zoom ) with another psychic and each provide a reading for one another ( 15 minutes each ), then you will be switched up and paired 3 more times. ( 4 reading exchanges total ). This event welcomes psychics at all levels from professional to complete beginner, you can use your modality or assisting tool of choice ( tarot, crystals, pendulum, or other ) to practice with. Not only is this a great way to practice your intuitive talents, but you also will be getting together with others who share your love for all things metaphysical AND who are supportive of you enhancing your gifts.

Who we are: PsyChicks is an online community that encourages spi-curious individuals to develop their abilities through personal development, mentorship, and collaboration. We welcome those who are interested in all things metaphysical, supernatural, witchy, and woo!

Psychic reading speed connecting is a fun pop-in event that we host every month to help bring our community together for celebration of our gifts, pride for our little community and some genuine experience. At these events the goal is to help those who may not have the opportunity to practice be encouraged as well as to provide insightful readings for one another. Through these events we strive to create a judgement free environment where one can step outside of their comfort zone, and be embraced by others who understand and appreciate what it is like to be a complete beginner with awakening gifts.

You want to improve your psychic readings but you don’t have anyone to practice with or on?

A common challenge that our PsyChicks community members face is being shy about sharing their spiritual gifts with others for fear of judgement or that they simply won’t understand. Many people in our spi-curious community mention that their interest in psychic abilities and intuition development is something that they keep hidden because they do not have people in their lives who are accepting of it. One solution that we thought we could offer as a large community ( 18K members and counting ) is by providing virtual experiences where we could bring our members from all over the world together to practice and make new friends!

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Here's What Is Great About Psychic Reading Speed Connecting

⭐ We keep it very casual!

The purpose of this event is to encourage and support one another. Therefore, when you attend a psychic reading speed dating event put on by PsyChicks you can rest assured that no matter how beginner level you may be, everyone will welcome you with open arms. This is an intimate experience where you will be paired up at random and the point is to provide each other with positive support in order to gain experience. There is no “skill-flexing” here, everyone attends and is treated as equals, with opportunity to give and receive feedback if they ask for it.

⭐ We provide mentorship!

In attendance at these events are members of our PsyChick Collective, who are professional business operating psychics, mediums, healers and coaches. They participate in the matching so in some pairings you will be connected with someone who has a lot of experience giving readings themselves. If you are a beginner , or someone who is hoping to someday also work as a psychic yourself, you can get a professional demonstration of how they conduct their short readings. You can also ask for feedback from them to learn how you can improve.

⭐ It is meant to be fun! And There Are Door Prizes

If you are open to trying new things and would like to participate in a social experience that will get you talking to someone from anywhere in the world whom you may not have otherwise met, then this is an awesome opportunity to consider. We strive to make the event as welcoming and fun as we can so that everyone who is there is able to walk away feeling uplifted. If you are fascinated by all things metaphysical, supernatural, witchy and woo then this might be the perfect experience for you! Prizes are randomly rewarded at the end ( up to $1000 in fun stuff to win ) and anyone in attendance is eligible. 

What Others Say About Their Experience:


This was a great tool to help those who seek to use their gifts in a professional setting or just to stay keeping their gifts sharpened  "


I'm so glad I did this!!! If you're on the fence, or feeling a little tingle like you might possibly maybe one day like to do something like this, DO IT! It's for you. Yes, you in the shadows, pretending you're not reading this ... I see you. I believe in you. You're legit. You won't regret it. It's all growing you. I met amazing humans I never would have met before, heard amazing stories, and learned so much! I had never actually read for anyone officially or in the format I did, but right before I started the zoom link, my intuition kicked into high gear and I utilized a new tool! Trust yourself here, folx! Everyone was kind, helpful, nervous (just like you) and it turned out spectacular. Thank you for being here!!!  


I am loving the space because first there's no judgement. There's a lot of love and support here in the collective on zoom. The readings are amazingly accurate to me. Thank you for this because it bridges the psychics to come together and newcomers who want to learn and grow into their field. I am ready for the next one and I can't wait!!!  

🙌 Yes, Count Me In!

It is only $10 a person to attend. This covers all of the expenses of promoting and organizing this event.


September 19th, 2022

6:00 pm - 8:30 PST

7:00 pm -9:30pm MST

9:00-11:30pm EST

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Meet Some Of The PsyChicks Collective


My name is Christine and I am a Shamanic Reiki Master and Coach. I specialize in helping Reiki practitioners and spiritually inclined individuals seeking helping their self-discovery for inner truth and empowerment. 

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My name is Mariposa Young, I am an intuitive, compassionate psychic here to provide connection with your loved ones who have passed on, along with  spiritual advice and guidance. 

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My name is Raquel Crawford, and I specialize in helping people move through their blocks in order to see their lives more clearly and open up avenues for their heart's desires to come to fruition. 

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My name is Vina Chalice, and I'm a medium who is here to help reflect back to you your inner guidance.  I'm versed in light language and channeling spirit guides. If you're looking to step into your full power and are on the path to your highest good.

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Apollonia 🔮🐥

Hello, my name is Apollonia and I am a psychic, spirit guide, communicator, and coach who can help you figure out if you are on the right path with your life decisions , romantic partnerships and career.

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My name is Nova Damion Maddux, and I help business owners, lovers & those seeking guidance by providing clarity, guidance, and a deeper understanding of their situation. 

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Sheila V 🔮🐥

My name is Sheila ( Sheila V ) and I am a psychic medium, spiritualist, speaker, author and spiritual business mentor. I work with those who feel stuck or are lacking clarity to activate their intuitive gifts so they can bravely pursue their soul’s purpose.

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Brandie Michelle

My name is Brandie Michelle and I am the founder and community host of PsyChicks. I am a psychic intuitive empath, who provides guidance and clarity for members of the Psychicks community. Whether you are someone who is feeling called to start a spiritual business venture of your own or you already have one and are struggling to call in clients and customers, I can assist. 

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